GCAP Vietnam 2006-2007

The Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) is an alliance of organisations, networks and national campaigns around the world that is committed to eradicating extreme poverty. The loose-alliance began working together in 2005 with the aim of taking action across the world to tackle the root causes of poverty and meet the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals. At the global level, GCAP aims to put pressure on world leaders to take concrete action to deliver on the commitments they have made to reach the Millennium Development Goals and eliminate poverty. The campaign encourages the participation of all stakeholders in the fight against poverty. The GCAP alliance advocates for:

  • Public accountability, just governance and the fulfillment of human rights
  • Trade justice
  • A major increase in the quantity and quality of aid and financing for development
  • Debt cancellation

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Below on this page are details of GCAP activities in Vietnam in 2007. At the bottom of the page is a link to GCAP activities in Vietnam in 2006.


Press Release October 17, 2007

GCAP Meeting August 18, 2007

GCAP Meeting May 18, 2007

Mr. Trinh and Ms. Trine participated in the Global GCAP face to face meeting in Montevideo, and on May 18 Mr. Trinh, Mr. Huong, and Mr. Phong from the Vietnam Fatherland Front and Ms. Trine, from the NGO RC, met to have a brief follow up discussion on the Montevideo meeting and agree on action points.

A GCAP Vietnam has been proposed for the end of May/beginning of June to finalise the GCAP Vietnam plan for 2007. This will include a a feedback from the Global GCAP in Montevideo and a brief written report will be distributed prior to the meeting.

The three-hour meeting has the following proposed agenda:

  • Feedback back from Global GCAP in Montevideo
  • New trends and future directions for GCAP
  • Policy demands
  • Structure
  • Mobilisation
  • Media strategy
  • Regional initiatives: focus, formation of regional groups, regional activities
  • Summing up: perspectives for GCAP Vietnam

2) GCAP Vietnam

  • GCAP Vietnam: long term direction?
  • Feedback on comments/suggestions and commitments since meeting in April
  • Draft revised plan for 2007
  • Media strategy
  • Organisation and procedures of GCAP Vietnam
  • Summing up

Meeting minutes:

Further reading:

GCAP Montevideo Global Meeting, 2007


GCAP Vietnam National Coalition Meeting March 30, 2007

The first GCAP Vietnam National Coalition (NC) of 2007 was hosted by the Fatherland Front Vietnam. The GCAP Vietnam NC is headed by the Fatherland Front and also include 8 international NGOs and  some local NGOs. The meeting included a feedback from the Regional GCAP meeting in Bangkok on March 12 and 13 and a discussion onf the draft GCAP Vietnam activity plan 2007 prepared by the Fatherland Front. It was agreed that the coalition shall discuss what should be the key policy issues andmessages for 2007 in relation to what activities the National Coalition should prioritise. It was proposed and agreed that Mr. Trinh, Fatherland Front, and Mrs. Trine, NGO Resource Centre, shall represent the GCAP Vietnam NC at the Glocal GCAP meeting in Montevideo May 3-5.

Next steps:

  • The Fatherland Front will compile comments and revise activity plan accordingly (April 16 to 19)
  • Revised plan sent out to coalition (April 19)
  • NGO RC will call for a meeting to discuss and finalise plan (between April 20 and 24)


GCAP Asia Bangkok Meeting 2007