GCAP Vietnam 2006

Objectives of GCAP Vietnam 2006

In Vietnam the GCAP alliance seeks to target the policy makers of pro-poor policies, World leaders for better trade justice for Vietnam, and the wider public to mobilize and participate in the fight against poverty together.

  • Respond to the global call in the month of action (16 Sept. to 17 October 2006)
  • Influence pro-poor policies and their effective implementation
  • Raise awareness and mobilize public participation in poverty reduction


Target Areas of GCAP Vietnam 2006

Trade justice:

  • Opposing trade protectionism and trade pressure imposed by developed countries on developing countries, including Vietnam
  • Raising awareness and mobilizing actions from policy makers in order to protect the poor from the potential negative impacts of WTO accession. This includes areas such as intellectual property rights, plant protections laws, market accession, the monopoly of transnational corporations
  • Promoting the rights and capabilities to participate in raising ideas and monitoring pro-poor trade policies’ implementation

Governance for poverty elimination in Vietnam:

  • Promoting the implementation of the Decree on Grassroots Democracy
  • Strengthening the budget transparency process
  • Promoting the effective implementation of policies on children rights
  • Speeding up promulgation and ensure quality and enforcement of the Domestic Violence Law and Gender Equality Law
  • Encouraging Society’s engagement in anti-corruption dialogue and action

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News about GCAP activities in Vietnam 2006

GCAP Vietnam has been approved by the Central Party Committee and the Fatherland Front has been assigned to be the key actor implementing GCAP Vietnam in the long term.

The Fatherland Front and the Call for Action Against Poverty (GCAP) Vietnam team jointly organised three events in Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, Ha Tinh in connection with the People's Grand Union Day. These events aimed to raise awareness about GCAP through marching, meetings, and other activities.

On October 8 the GCAP Vietnam allience in partnership with Fatherland Front of Lang Son Province organised a meeting and march on GCAP in Lang Son. It attracted more than 1090 participants from many districts and communes in Lang Son and successfully mobilised participation of all stakeholders and sectors in the mission of making poverty history and brought the messages on root causes of poverty toward government authorities and the public in the area.

Newspaper articles on GCAP issues were been published in 2006, includng:

9/10/2006: http://vietnamnet.vn/xahoi/doisong/2006/10/620246/

17/10/2006: http://vietnamnet.vn/diendan/2006/10/623204/ 

16/10/2006: http://vietnamnet.vn/bandocviet/2006/10/623192/
18/10/2006: http://www2.vietnamnet.vn/diendan/2006/10/623204/
20/10/2006: http://www2.vietnamnet.vn/wto/2006/10/624566/