Call for Proposals: Funding Women-led, Community-based Organizations


Funding Women-led, community-based organizations


The Resilience Fund for Women in Global Value Chains is welcoming applications from eligible organizations in Cambodia and Vietnam. The Fund will provide general support grants to women-led, community-based organizations that work on the Fund’s main thematic areas of gender-based violence and/or sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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CCWG Advocacy Strategy 2022 - 2025

For 14 years, the Climate Change Working Group (CCWG), founded in 2008, has been a driving force in climate action. The CCWG brings together international and Vietnamese non-governmental organisations, development agencies, institutions, professionals, and other interested parties to exchange ideas and discuss lessons learned and good practices. The CCWG has grown to be a powerful coalition of over a hundred organisations, with a combined budget of approximately USD invested in climate change actions between 2018 and 2020. In addition, the CCWG maintains an approximately 1,300-person mailing list.

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