Climate Change Working Group Position Paper for the Conference of the Parties (COP 27) Supporting the implementation of the National Climate Change Strategy until 2050

The Arab Republic of Egypt hosted the 27th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh in November 2022. COP27 goals and vision are for inclusive, rules-based, and ambitious, substantive outcomes, commensurate with the challenge based on science and guided by principles building on agreements, decisions, pledges, and commitments, from RIO 1992 to Glasgow 2021. We seek to accelerate global climate action through emissions reduction, scaled-up adaptation efforts, and enhanced flows of appropriate finance. We recognize that 'just transition' remains a priority for developing countries worldwide. Therefore, the idea and direction to implement the National Climate Change Strategy is to support communities to reduce as well as respond to the impacts of climate change.

At COP 26, Viet Nam has successfully committed to many targets especially to reach Net Zero by 2050. Understanding this is the inevitable development goal of the world, a new "rule of the game" on global trade and investment has been established that Vietnam needs to make mainly through a strong energy transition, and low-emission development. This is also an opportunity to promote economic restructuring towards sustainability, grasping seize opportunities to improve the competitiveness of the economy, and take advantage of opportunities for trade and investment cooperation for development.

The National Climate Change Strategy towards 2050 has been published by the Prime Minister, so it’s time to act in a new way so we can achieve the goal of actively and effectively adapting, reducing vulnerability, loss, and damage due to climate change; reduce greenhouse gas emissions according to the net emission target of "zero" by 2050, actively and responsibly contribute to the international community in protecting the earth's climate system; take advantage of opportunities from climate change response to transform growth models, improve resilience and competitiveness of the economy.

CCWG has produced a number of policy documents on various topics of climate change from adaptation, mitigation, CBCCI, and most recently climate finance. Documentation for your reference can be founded on this website. Therefore we want to continue this tradition and our goal to give a voice to civil society organizations working in policy advocacy.

CCWG coordinated with the member and FES to prepare a joint position paper of CSO's recommendations to present to policymakers at COP27 with a focus on how to implement National Climate Change Strategy to meet the overall target.

Please find the full text in both Vietnamese and English here: