Strategic Advisor of Value Chains (part time work)




The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Project in Tra Vinh province  


I. The project information:

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project in Tra Vinh Province (SME Tra Vinh Project) is funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC). The project has three components:

Component 1: Build and implement SME development plan.

Component 2: Build small scale  infra- structure  to support SME development.

Component 3: Enhance public adminstration capacity for SME development.  


The Project recruites 01 strategic advisor of value chains (part time work)


    II. Responsibilities:  

The strategic advisor of value chains is responsible for providing strategic technical support for PMU of SME Tra Vinh project in development of priority value chains selected by Tra Vinh province in the frame work of SME Tra Vinh project (value chains: coconut and peanut) and other priority value chains of Tra Vinh province (if any). The key responsibilities consist of:  

          • Comment and provide technical advices to complete  the Action Plan of value chain upgrading (coconut and peanut) and other priority value chains of Tra Vinh province (as request);

          • Check and review the analysis report of  value chains (coconut and peanut) and other priority value chains of Tra Vinh province (as request) to provide technical advice in value chain development;

          • Participate in supporting and direct strategic guidance for enterprise incubation, strengthen some key enterprises with their important roles in value chains development (coconut and peanut) and other key value chains of Tra Vinh province (as request);

          • Through providing advices and coaching and when necessary, a short training for PMU staff and provincial staff  is conducted for value chain development;

          • Giving technical advices of the capacity necessary for both private and public sectors to support the development of value chains of coconut and peanut and other priority value chains of  Tra Vinh province (if request).

          • Through  giving advice and coaching activities and if necessary a short term training to enhance the capacity for technical staff of PMU (SME Tra Vinh) and departments and sectors at provincial and local levels in value chain development.

          • Other technical assistances in accordance with the needs of value chain development on the basis of agreement between technical advisor and PMU of Tra Vinh project.

    III. Selection criteria:

          • Educational background: At least a post –graduate degree (MS) of Economics, Agriculture Economics, MBA and other relevant areas. Priority for the candidates who have Ph.D degree or  working experiences in the countries  which have developed value chain of coconut in the world such as the Philipines and Srilanka….

          • Good English level (listening, speaking, reading and writing), at least two years of living and studying in the English speaking countries. Knowing Khmer language is a good advantage; female and Khmer candidates are an advantage;

          • Computer literacy: good of Word, Excel and applying programs in analysis and statistics;

          • At least, 15 years of practical experiences in teaching, studying and practice of  marketing, value chains and value chain development and sector.   

          • Practical experiences at enterprises or/and advising for enterprises in the areas: business development, product sales, and marketing will be a good advantage.

          • Advising experiences at least for 03 international projects. Priority for the good candidates who have worked for SME Tra Vinh and Soc Trang in Viet Nam.

          • Good and practical experiences of enterprises or/and giving advice to enterprises in business development, sales and marketing will be a good advantage;

          • Good capacity of analysis and strategic advices;

          • Good coaching skills and conducting training activities especially practical experience in guidance and training relevant to value chain development, business development, product sales and marketing for public staff and enterprises;

          • Good capacity in leading and coordination team work under time pressure;

          • Result-based management good knowledge and capacity and good understanding of gender and environment integration in building and conducting of value chains

          • Priority for the candidates who work as advisor or/and conduct consultations relevant value chain development and sector, business development, enterprise incubation especially the ODA projects in Tra Vinh province.


IV. Working conditions and reporting:

          • Technical advisor is under management of Director of PMU of SME Tra Vinh project.

          • Technical advisor of value chains working  in cooperation with chief technical coordinator of PMU of SME Tra Vinh. Besides, the technical advisor also cooperates working with staff of PMU of SME Tra Vinh and staff at all levels of Tra Vinh province.  

          • Technical advisor reports quarterly to Director of PMU. In case, according to the request of PMU, an unexpected report is completed on the basis of the agreements of the two sides.

          • Technical advisor works part time. Total maximum working days is 75 days/year. The working days allocated in accordance with the work requirements. The contract will be resigned on the basis of good performance.


The candidates kindly send their application and CV to:


Mr. Le Huy Hoang, Chief Techincal Coordinator

PMU of SME Tra Vinh

So 19A, Duong Nam Ky Khoi  Nghia, Phuong 2, Thanh pho Tra Vinh

Tel: 0918704187

or email: [email protected]


Deadline for the application is 15h, 15/7/2017. Only the appropriate candidates will be contacted  and the application documents will not be returned.


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
SME Development Project in Tra Vinh Province
Tra Vinh
Application Deadline: 
Sat, 2017-07-15