Education for Development (EFD) is an International NGO that works with local (Vietnamese) social organisations to improve and expand their educational services for disadvantaged children and youth.
To provide EFD current, former and potential local partners with an opportunity to share their experiences and to build capacity by learning from each other, EFD organizes quarterly information sharing workshops. Topics for these workshops are related and based on experiences of local partners and the challenges they face in their daily work with the children and youth. By organizing these workshops EFD brings organizations together to network, share and cooperate for the benefit of the disadvantaged children and youth they serve.
The last two years EFD has experienced that an increasing number of local partners indicate a need for psychomotor education in their schools. Schools want to set up psychomotor rooms, but are not fully aware what the purpose of such a room is or what psychomotor education involves etc. To give local organizations more insight, EFD has planned to organize an information sharing session on this topic.

They are looking for an expert with knowledge on psychomotor education (and the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movements etc.) to help us facilitate this workshop. 

The (morning) session is planned to be organized in the last week of January. Anyone interested, please contact [email protected] for more information.     

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Education for Development
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2011-01-10