Specialist in Healthcare System and Gender Equality

Specialist in Healthcare system and gender equality is required to join an International NGO working in an development project in Thanh Hoa province

AIM OF THE PROJECT: Strengthening the capacity of Civil Society Organizations.

INGO DESCRIPTION: Foundation CIDEAL of Cooperation and Research. Nationality: Spanish.

VIETNAMESE NGO DESCRIPTION: Thanh Hoa Province Union of Science and Technology Associations (TUSTA).

POST:  Specialist in Healthcare system and gender equality

LOCATION: Thanh Hoa province

LENGTH OF CONTRACT: One year with the possibility of extending one year more.


Foundation CIDEAL is currently executing in cooperation with the European Union a 3 years project (March 2013- March 2016) in Thanh Hoa Province with focus on the 7 poorest districts: Lang Chánh, Th??ng Xuân, Quan Hóa, Quan S?n, M??ng Lát, Nh? Xuân và Bá Th??c. The project is being executed in partnership with Thanh Hoa Province Union of Science and Technology Associations (TUSTA).


The action is aimed at strengthening 3 renowned organization networks of the civil society in the province of Thanh Hoa, in order to strength their capacities to meet the needs of their target population through effective development cooperation projects.

This goal is being achieving by supporting these three organizations in the identification, design, implementation and monitoring of development projects in order to improve the efficiency of their actions and to increase their access to national and international funding. These networks will be supported in the design of 20 micro projects  - 10 will be selected to be executed – to reduce poverty and improve healthcare conditions within the most vulnerable groups (ethnic minorities and households headed by women) concentrated in the 7 poorest districts in Thanh Hoa. In order to success with the results of this actions, the capacities in the fields of agriculture, fishing, and livestock among the members of the three beneficiary networks  at province, district and commune level will be also strengthened. Moreover, policy dialogue with local authorities in the field of health and gender will be also enhanced. In such approach, the project will address the analysis and design of public plans and strategies in the healthcare sector for the province of Thanh Hoa.

In order to meet the foreseen objectives, three interrelated spheres of action have been designed, and are being developed sequentially.

During the first year, the project has been focused on technical assistance and training at two levels: organizational, technical and managerial capabilities to better deal with development cooperation projects; and sectorial technical capabilities in the fields of rural development.

During the second year the project will be mainly focused on the designing of the strategic plans for the three networks, the replication of rural development trainings at district and commune’s levels, the analysis of health-gender strategies/ plan/programs in order to offer critical proposals for their implementation in Thanh Hoa province, and the support in the formulation of 20 micro-projects with poverty reduction and healthcare perspective.

An in the third year, it will be focused in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of 10 micro-projects selected in the referred sectors.


General duties/ responsibilities:

  • Cooperate with 3 beneficiary networks and representatives of different branches in healthcare system to direct 3 workshops at provincial and district level to get feedback from fields, make report and discuss to improve the policy of national program connect to gender equality in health sector.
  • Together with 3 networks, analyze the national program “2011-2020 National strategy  for gender equality” within the healthcare sector and  identify how it can be better implemented in Thanh Hoa province.
  • Draw up of critical proposals and methodologies in order to implement an action plan in the health sector together to a gender approach
  • Design term of proposals for micro-projects connected to health care and gender equality.
  • Support 3 networks implementation micro projects in the fields and contribute to improve it.


  • Graduate in Law, Social Service or Economics or professional in the healthcare sector with background in maternity healthcare with proven experience in the field.
  • Proven experience in working with international or national rural development projects and healthcare projects with gender equality as a cross issue.
  • Knowledge of Law and policies connected with healthcare system and gender equality in Vietnam
  • Experience in working with local authorities.
  • Experience in working with international NGOs will be specially recognized
  • Skills in communication and managing workshop.
  • Skills in writing reports, and planning tools
  • High level of English spoken and written
  • Country of origin: Vietnam.


Depending on experience total gross salary will be ranged between 114.400.000 VND – 171.600.000 VND. After first year, it will be reviewed according to work. Contract according to Vietnamese law.

Contact person

Candidates interested in the post must sent their CV to [email protected] (to the attention of Elena Gamallo) before  the 30th of March.

The selected candidate will be incorporated to the new post the second week of April.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Thanh Hoa
Application Deadline: 
Sun, 2014-03-30