Senior Electricity Policy Analyst

Senior Electricity Policy Analyst - Asia

These roles can be based anywhere in Asia.

What is Ember?

Ember is a non-profit think tank, using data to accelerate the global electricity transition from coal to clean. We track changes in the global power system - and use our findings to improve energy and climate policy.

What’s the role?

We are looking for two new senior policy analysts to accelerate Asia’s electricity transition - and establish Ember as a trusted data and policy source in Asia. You’ll work with NGOs, policy-makers and media across Asia. You will have a wealth of support from London colleagues to help you achieve change, including two experienced data analysts, a senior electricity analyst and a communications expert. You will use the latest electricity generation and capacity data from countries and regionally to help achieve change.

Key responsibilities:

  • Providing skills and data to national NGOs in Asia. To upskill them about electricity data, and provide them with curated data for their work.
  • Influencing key policy debates to speed the electricity transition using curated electricity data. That means finding the right data for the right policies, and then finding the best way to influence - either through partners organisations or direct with policy makers.
  • Shaping the narrative on the coal-to-clean transition in Asia: ensuring the media and policymakers have up-to-date data, analysis and comment.

Must have:

  • Five+ years of experience in Asian energy policy analysis.
  • A passion to shape Asia’s clean energy transition.
  • Fluent to write and communicate in at least one Asian language, preferably two.
  • Great networking skills.
  • Self-starter with strong organisational skills and effective time management.

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of the electricity sector
  • Experience analysing and visualising large datasets.
  • Experience working with frontline campaigners to make change.

Contract details

  • 12 month contract, possibility of extension.
  • $35-$60k depending on experience and location (gross).
  • Contracted time = 225 days, 8 hours per day.

More about Ember

For over a decade we’ve worked on climate policy in Europe as Sandbag, winning reform to the EU CO2-pricing market, and a succession of wins on coal phase-outs in Europe. We’re now rebranded as Ember as we take the fight against coal global. We turn data into action: we gather, curate and analyse data on the global coal to clean transition.

See our work at

Our guiding principles:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Put your effort where it has the largest impact.
  • Focus on solutions with global relevance.
  • Work across the political spectrum.
  • Evidence not ideology.

We are especially keen to encourage applications from people underrepresented in climate change work. Climate change is a race issue, a class issue, and a gender issue. We welcome applicants with lived experiences of these issues.


Please send a CV & cover letter to [email protected]. In the cover letter, please include your salary expectations and earliest start date. For reasons of objectivity we would like to ask you not to include an application photo.

Applications will close midnight on Sunday 23rd August 2020.

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Sun, 2020-08-23