Request for proposal for Re-Imagining TB Care (RTC) Project

Request for Proposal
Friends for International Tuberculosis Relief (FIT)

Project Name: Re-Imagining TB Care (RTC)

Proposal Due By: 29 June 2023

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Organization Background: Please see attached document or visit


Project Overview: This global project aims to find new and innovative strategies to update TB care and service delivery in lower income countries. Our organization has been selected to carry out work in Vietnam. We will be working closely with local TB affected individuals/families and front-line health staff to understand potential gaps in TB care, and uncover methods we can use to improve outcomes for everyone across the country. The main focus of the project is on people-centered design, changing when, how, and where people access services in Vietnam. Moving it closer to their homes and communities, covering more diseases with health screening, and making it overall more convenient for all individuals seeking care. For more information about the global campaign, please visit:


Project Objectives for Communications Materials:

  • Raise general awareness about TB and the RTC initiative
  • Destigmatize TB and seeking TB care - dispel myths and misconceptions
  • Raise awareness of the testing and treatment options available - and promote the importance of easy diagnosis/treatment
  • Encourage people to get tested


  • All levels of the TB program in Vietnam - from the Ministry of Health and National Tuberculosis Program, down to district and commune health workers in urban communities
  • TB affected individuals, TB survivors, their families, and close contacts
  • General population in Vietnam with a focus on older people

Scope of Work: Designing and implementing a 6-12 month communications campaign in Vietnam targeting the above groups through various channels and forms of media. Carefully curating materials to send compelling, positive, and meaningful messages that Vietnamese audiences can engage with. Meeting the project objectives.


Service Provider Eligibility:

  1. Having an enterprise registration certificate, establishment decision or equivalent document issued by a competent authority; have registered business lines suitable to the characteristics of the service stated in the proposal;
  2. Not in the process of dissolution; not be concluded to be in bankruptcy or insolvent debt as prescribed by Vietnamese law; not banned from participating in communications activities in Vietnam;
  3. The service provider must pass screening by all of the parties below:

Submission Requirements:

Proposals must be sent by 29 June 2023. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact Nghiem Nguyen Minh Trang or Vu Phuong Tra no later than 28 June 2023.

  1. A stand alone pdf document with a summary of your proposed strategy for engaging the target audiences in discussions about the project objectives.
  2. Pitch a comprehensive communications strategy & plan - please include the types of materials you would create, the platforms you would utilize, and your unique strategies for raising awareness and eliciting action from people in Vietnam. Please indicate which materials will target which audience groups listed above. Please be advised, that all materials produced for distribution must be drafted in Vietnamese, and supplemented with English translations. This should be submitted in pdf form.
  3. Please provide a proposed schedule/timeline that is clear and includes the frequency of release and time required to produce each type of material.
  4. Include a table detailing the itemized costs for development, production and distribution of the proposal.

The proposal must be submitted in English and Vietnamese.


Supplementary Documents:

  1. Proof of applicant's eligibility: Certificate of business registration with the list of business activities, establishment decision or equivalent document issued by a competent authority.
  2. A portfolio of the supplier’s existing work, or details on campaigns that you have created in the past.
  3. A minimum of two references.

Proposal Pricing and Discounts:

  1. The Proposal currency is Vietnam Dong.
  2. The price quoted in the proposal must include the full cost of providing the service.
  3. The service provider must submit a document detailing the cost/unit price for all of the work mentioned in the proposal.
  4. The service provider's offer must include all taxes, fees and charges (if any) applicable at the relevant tax rates, fees and charges in accordance with Vietnamese law.

Project Implementation Estimate:

Decision Date - Early July 2023

Material production - Late July 2023

Material release - Starting in late July 2023

Maximum Budget:

225,000,000 VND

($10,000 USD)


Contact: Nghiem Nguyen Minh Trang

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0904 967 122


Contact: Vu Phuong Tra

Email:[email protected]

Phone: 0368 825 518


Evaluation Metrics

FIT will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Originality of the proposed ideas.
  • Previous experience/past performance history.
  • Samples from previous projects.
  • Projected costs.
  • Experience and technical expertise.
  • Understanding of the public health climate in Vietnam, particularly regarding tuberculosis.
  • Completeness of campaign, and suitability for suggested resources to match audience groups and achieve objectives.

Responsiveness and answers to follow-up questions based on the initial proposal.


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2023-06-28