Procurement Officer



Title:                                       Procurement Officer

Period of Performance:             approximately 5 months, starting in November 2021

Level of Effort:                         Part-Time

Location:                                 Ho Chi Minh city


VF Corporation is an American apparel and footwear company that works with over 100 Vietnamese factories as part of its supply chain. As a company with a global footprint, VF Corporation is committed to the health and well-being of its associates around the world, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. As Vietnam begins to ease restrictions on individuals and businesses, VF Corporation sees a critical need to support the factories in its supply chain to re-open and operate safely and in compliance with COVID-19 best practices.

To do this, VF Corporation has contracted DAI to design and implement a rapid response program that includes four key activities:

  1. Develop Standards of Practice (SOPs) for self-testing and safe reopening of factories that align with guidance from the Vietnam Ministry of Health and Vietnam National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and global best practices;
  2. Train relevant factory staff on the SOPs to ensure clinic staff and workers understand the procedures;
  3. Develop health promotion materials that focus on knowledge and behaviors around transmission, testing, vaccination, and isolation; and
  4. Procure and distribute critical PPE and testing kits to factories, as determined by the VF Corporation and the factories’ individual needs.


DAI is seeking an experienced Procurement Officer who will manage the day-to-day procurement activities including the identification, vetting, and onboarding of suppliers, as well as liaising with factory procurement and logistics teams.

The Procurement Officer will report to the Team Lead. Tasks will include:

  • Liaise with Team Lead, Occupational Health and Safety Expert, and factories’ management teams to determine the suite of goods for procurement;
  • Prepare procurement plans for each factory including budgets;
  • Identify, vet, and onboard vendors following DAI’s procurement standards;
  • Monitor delivery timelines and communicate expected delivery dates to the project team and factories;
  • Follow-up with factories to confirm that delivered materials are on-time, of the correct quality and quantity;
  • Manage timely payments of vendor invoices;
  • Maintain accurate purchase and pricing records;
  • Provide procurement and delivery progress reports to Team Lead and VF Corporation and support financial reporting activities;
  • Other tasks as assigned by the Team Lead.


  1. Procurement plans, including budgets;
  2. Vendor database, including pricing, qualifications, and delivery times;
  3. Inventory lists for each factory;
  4. Procurement, delivery, and payment progress reports.


  • Degree in business, supply chain management, finance, or similar
  • At least 5 years’ direct experience managing supply chain and procurements for a private sector company
  • Experience with vendor identification and vetting
  • Experience managing healthcare related procurement, preferred
  • Native Vietnamese speaker
  • Professional proficiency in English


To apply, please send CV to Amanda Ryan [email protected]

We will be short listing and contacting candidates on an on-going basis as applications are received.

Deadline for the application:  November 28, 2021.


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Ho Chi Minh
Application Deadline: 
Sun, 2021-11-28