Pioneering Enterprise (Digital Transformation) Portfolio Manager

Scope of Work

Pioneering Enterprise (Digital Transformation) Portfolio Manager


Improving Private Sector Competitiveness (IPSC) is a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) technical assistance project, and the Agency for Enterprise Development (AED) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) is the project owner. The project is implemented by Deloitte Consulting LLP (“Deloitte”) and runs from 2020 to 2025.

The purpose of the USAID IPSC Activity is to remove constraints and build the competitiveness of small and growing businesses (SGBs) in Vietnam, including those led by vulnerable populations. With this activity, USAID/Vietnam is supporting Vietnam’s competitiveness: vertically at the policy, market, and firm level; and horizontally by working along the entire spectrum of enterprise growth models, from household businesses transforming into registered firms to small firms on the cusp of scaling up.

IPSC is made up of four interrelated Objectives:

  • Objective 1.    Building business management capacity of SGBs, including those led by vulnerable populations, particularly women and ethnic minorities.
  • Objective 2. Improving efficiency and productivity by promoting innovation, technology adoption, and sustainable business models.
  • Objective 3. Enhancing business enabling environment for a broad-based inclusive economy.
  • Objective 4.    Strengthening business-to-business (B2B) and cross-sectoral linkages.

Summary of Activities

IPSC collaborates closely with the Government of Vietnam (GVN) counterparts, including the project owner, AED, under MPI. IPSC and AED develop strategies for sector selection, geographic focus, and SGB engagement and engage a broad range of market actors across the economy that make up the SGB ecosystem, including SGBs, cooperatives, and household businesses (HBs); business chambers, associations, and business development service providers (BDSPs); GVN Ministries and Agencies, provincial and local administrations; and private sector consultants, training institutions, and financial institutions. Using incentives and cost-sharing with SGBs, Pioneering Enterprises (PEs), and other partners, IPSC builds greater demand and supply of business development services (BDS), while improving providers’ capacity to understand and offer services desired in the marketplace.

One of IPSC’s main objectives is supporting PEs to receive customized technical assistance under the overall support package “Vietnamese Value – Reach out to the World” to create products with added value and Vietnamese intellectual property, nurturing them to become sustainable models for other SGBs to emulate and scale up proven examples. A PE is a growing Vietnamese enterprise with Vietnamese-branded products; sufficient competitiveness; the ability to lead and expand in the industry, sector, and locality; strong management capacity; and willingness to innovate and produce products with high added value, with the vision and objective to build a Vietnamese brand in international markets. Positioning the “Made by Vietnam” product brand successfully in regional and international markets is a priority for PEs.

Each support package will be customized for the individual PE, depending on their situation, needs, development capacity, commitment to participate, and willingness to co-finance. The support packages will focus on facilitating BDSPs and technical experts to deliver consulting services and specialized training to help enterprises strengthen their governance, management capability, and strategies (including strategy development, business model refinement, brand positioning, marketing, innovation, communications, and human resource development). IPSC will develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each supporting package so PEs can quantify the results achieved and evaluate the effectiveness of the results.

The PE Portfolio Manager will manage the process of prospecting PE candidates, supporting the selection process, Business Profile and Action Plan development as well as providing oversight over technical assistance delivery to 5-7 assigned PEs as part of IPSC portfolio. Additionally, the PE Portfolio Manager will also support the SGB team in developing coaching and advisory activities to small and growing businesses in applying digital technologies. The incumbent will be working closely with the PE team, SGB team, AED, IPSC Senior Management and managing a wide array of consulting firms and industrial experts to deliver his/her tasks.

1.      Tasks and Responsibilities

The PE Portfolio Manager shall perform the following tasks:

  • Mobilize high quality PE candidates for the selection process through working with relevant partners and channels.
  • Guide PEs in developing Business Profile deck and Action Plan, which serve as documents to support Selection Committee’s decision on PE selection.
  • Facilitate the process of technical assistance delivery for PEs following the Memorandum of Understanding signed between IPSC, AED and these PEs, including developing Scope of works, market scanning and selecting suitable service providers/ consultants.
  • Be the technical focal points for IPSC team in providing technical assistance activities on digital transformation (specifically in implementing CRM, ERP, MES, Cloud infrastructure, Big Data and Business Analytics, Smart Factory, Agriculture Traceability) for PEs as well as SGBs in the IPSC portfolio.
  • Work closely with service providers and hired consultants to monitor the progress of technical delivery, review the quality of deliverables to ensure consistency and excellence.
  • Manage PEs’ expectation and ensure their satisfaction in technical assistance provided by IPSC, coordinate with AED to provide technical report on deliverables.
  • In conjunction with the MEL Manager and Coms Manager to monitor PE initiatives, collect, and contribute inputs for weekly, quarterly, and annual reports on relevant data for reporting to USAID and AED.
  • Carry out additional tasks, as per the request of the PE Director and IPSC Project Director.

2.      Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree preferred) in either Information Technology or Economics/ Business Administration,or related field with a minimum eight years of full-time professional experience and above in a transformation, business analysis or consulting role.
  • Proven experience in the implementation of digital systems (ERP, CRM, MES, Cloud infrastructure, Big Data and Business Analytics, Smart Factory, Agriculture Traceability) for multiple firms with size ranging from 50 – 500 employees.
  • Attention to details and a strategic business mindset, exceptional interpersonal, team collaboration, and communication skills.
  • Experience with budgetary responsibilities related to projects or resources.
  • Commitment to professional excellence, as well as personal and professional growth.
  • Vietnamese nationality and willingness to travel when required
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and Vietnamese.

3.      Reporting Requirements

This position will report to the PE Director.

4.      Period of Performance, Mode, and Level of Effort

  • Period of performance:       October 2023 – December 2025
  • Level of Effort:                  Full time
  • Mode:                              Onsite
  • Location:                          Hanoi, Vietnam, with travel to other provinces as required 
  • Compensation & Benefits:   Competitive

USAID Improving Private Sector Competitiveness Key Concepts and Definitions

  • Small and Growing Business (SGB): An organization/economic unit of Vietnam, including enterprises, under the provisions of the Law on Enterprises, cooperatives operating under the provisions of the Law on Cooperatives, and business households registered in accordance with Vietnamese law, which employs no more than 500 full-time employees, has growth potential but lacks the resources of knowledge, finance, human resources, and technology to realize its goals and growth potential.
  • Pioneering SGBs or Pioneering Enterprises (PEs): A growing Vietnamese enterprise with Vietnamese-branded products, good competitiveness, the ability to lead and expand in the industry, sector, and locality, good management capacity and willingness to innovate and produce products with high added value, the vision/objective to build a Vietnamese brand in the international market.
  • Business Development Service Provider (BDSP): Agencies, organizations and enterprises in both the public and private sectors with functions, duties/business lines providing non-financial services to support enterprises to improve operational efficiency and business development.
  • Business Support Organization (BSO): An organization with the function and mission to connect and support business development, often including business associations/clubs, industries, etc.
  • Department of Planning and Investment (DPI): A specialized agency of the Provincial People’s Committee, which functions as a consultancy and assists the Provincial People’s Committee in managing planning and investment, including the management of domestic and foreign investment in the province; management of official development assistance (ODA) sources, concessional loans from donors, foreign non-governmental aids; Business registration within the province; providing public services within the scope of state management of the Department in accordance with the law.

Applications shoud be submitted to: [email protected]

Deadline for submission: COB 05 October 2023

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Thu, 2023-10-05