National Consultant – Training on Gender Mainstreaming


The Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) has been operating its development programmes in Vietnam since 1995. SNV provides strategic advisory services to public and private clients to catalyse innovative market based solution that drive growth and performance while generating jobs, income and improved access to basic services for the poor. Presently, SNV is implementing programmes in five areas: Agro Forestry Value Chain Development, Inclusive Business, REDD, Climate Chain Smart Agriculture, Biogas and Water and Sanitation.

SNV has obtained the supports from SDC and CORDAID to upscale what has been successful in the cardamom sector to other spices, cinnamon and star anise in four provinces: Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Yen Bai and Lang Son. The project “Spice of Life: Leveraging the Spices Sector for Poverty Reduction Amongst Ethnic Minority Communities in Vietnam” started in August 2013 (hereinafter called Project). The Project directly targets smallholder spice producers in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam, of which approximately 90% are ethnic minority people. Specifically, the project targets 12,000 ethnic households who produce cardamom, cinnamon and star anise spice products in Lang Son, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, and Ha Giang provinces. The project is planned to come to end by June 2016.

SNV are aware of the importance of having a consistent gender approach in order to contribute to a final better impact and results on gender issue. In order to ensure the capacity of local clients in 4 provinces are strengthened to work on gender issues in the long term, SNV is searching for a national consultant to conduct gender training for estimates 100 participants. These participants are the staffs of provincial DARD and Agricultural Extension Center and directly involves in implementation and monitoring of the intervention and guiding famers interest groups (FIGs). Those people have already received several trainings on technical issues such as sustainable spice production and improved post-harvest technology as well as spice value chain and FIGs management.

1.General objective

The aim of this consultancy will be to strength the capacity of Local capacity builders (LCBs) from provincial DARD and Agricultural Extension Center (AEC) according to the needs and capacity identified ensuring a better gender mainstreaming in the project implementation and monitoring.

2.Specific objectives

  • To design a training agenda/training materials and to carry out the training for staff of provincial DARD and AEC (estimates 100 people) in two provinces of Yen Bai and Ha Giang on key gender concepts and gender issues in spice value chain development, focusing on Gender and Ethnic minorities.
  • To deliver 2 training courses, each includes 3 days in April 2014 in 2 provinces of Yen Bai and Ha Giang.
  • To produce a training report with specific recommendations to improve gender mainstreaming and analysis for project implementation and monitoring.

3.Suggested main contents of the training

  • Gender and development concepts: Gender vs Sex, Equality vs Equity, Gender roles and stereotypes and Gender Relationships, Generational Change, Practical Needs & Strategic Gender Interests.
  • Empowerment
  • Links between economic development/value chains, gender and income increase
  • Gender analysis and Tools : How to design, implement and monitor activities with a gender approach (practical based on project activities)
  • Lessons Learnt and recommendations for project improvement.


The Consultant will have to provide the supporting materials for the training on the main concepts mentioned above. The training will have to be designed and carried out with a participatory approach, including methodologies such as brainstorming, group work, case study analysis, role play, and video watching which allow participants to share their experience and understanding, and learn from each another.

The Consultant will have to demonstrate that he/she is used to carry out this type of training and counts with enough resources and materials adapted to the Vietnamese culture and current situation of gender issues in the intervention area.

The targeted audience for the training will be as mentioned before, which include staff of provincial DARD and AEC at commune/district and provincial level. SNV staff will be also involved.

5.Expected outcomes

  • Trainees will be able to plan, implement, monitor and report activities giving the right importance to gender issues in order to measure the impact and results of the project in a better way.
  • Trainees supporting the project gain knowledge, awareness and training practice in general concepts of gender and how to conduct a gender analysis in a practical way.

6.Scope of work and deliverables

  • To work with SNV on understanding the intervention and preparing accordingly the training agenda on how to better mainstream gender approaches on the project implementation and monitoring. The Consultant will have to review and study carefully all the planning and annual reports as well as the quantitative and qualitative gender data and indicators.
  • To prepare and/or adapt training documents in Vietnamese including technical terminology and role plays.
  • To develop detailed training/facilitation plan with clear training agenda, methodologies and role of the trainer.
  • To develop hand-outs (power point presentation), scenario exercise, group discussion, role play, pre-post training evaluation etc
  • To conduct the training for the above mentioned audience in Vietnamese only.
  • To write the training report in both Vietnamese and English
  • To provide a soft copy of all the materials used during the training.

7.Consultant requirement:

  • Graduate degree in related social science field with proven experience (more than 5 years working in gender). A master degree or postgraduate in this field is preferable.
  • Demonstrated experience in project design with gender mainstreaming approach
  • Proven experience in preparing and carrying out similar training and materials preparation
  • Proven communication and facilitation skills
  • Demonstrate familiarity with gender sensitivity in development
  • Knowledge of the local partners to be trained is a plus

8.Contact person and submission of proposals:

The proposals must include:
- A technical proposal, including the detail support that the consultant will provide to the design of the proposal as well as the detail training agenda, including methodologies and resources (Maximum 10 pages).
- A human resources proposal, including CV of the consultant/trainer highlighting relevant qualifications, experience and references.
- A broken down budget considering an adequate use of the economic resources in each stage of the training.

The proposal shall be presented in English in electronic format before 8th April 2014 at 17:00 hours (Vietnam time) to the following e-mail addresses:

Le Anh Tuan (Mr.),
Project Manager  cum Lead technical Advisor
Phone: +84 4 38463791 Ext. 114
Cell: + 84 (0) 903446986
Email: [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
SNV – Netherlands Development Organisation
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2014-04-08