Data Verification Assistant Consultant



PROJECT CODE: 110 10 54


PROPOSED BUDGET: excluding travel costs such as airfare, accommodation, per diems and transportation if travel outside of the city is required.

SUBJECT: Support to verify and enhance quality of program reports,

PERIOD: Starting date: October 01, 2020

               Ending date: September 30, 2021


TRAVEL DAY: x including      days ?

1. Background

Healthy Markets aims to grow a viable commercial market for HIV-related goods and services capable of meeting the needs of populations facing the greatest risks. The project is expected to leverage private-sector solutions, expertise, interests, and assets to identify market opportunities and catalyze market responses to the HIV epidemic. The project also supports a phased transition from an environment where condoms and other related HIV prevention goods and services are predominantly subsidized, to one where non-subsidized commodities, services and distribution channels are the norm.

Specific objectives of the project include:

  • Objective 1: to increase private sector and local investment in the market for condoms and other HIV-related goods and services;

  • Objective 2: to increase demand for condoms and other HIV-related goods and services among key populations facing the greatest HIV risks; and,

  • Objective 3: to increase private sector supply of condoms and other HIV-related goods and services among key populations facing the greatest HIV risks.

One main focus of the HM project is to increase the access to HIV prevention services, including HIV testing and Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among key populations and expand new innovations. To achieve these objectives, Healthy Markets (HM) have been: (i) working with local condom, lubricant and low-dead space syringes manufacturers and distributors to promote sale of local brands; (ii) supporting community-based organizations to deliver HIV testing servces to key populations; (iii) collaborating with Provincial Health Departments and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, public and private health clinics to provide HIV and STIs testing, PrEP, PEP and ART services at their facilities in Hanoi. HM is seeking for local technical support in order to ensure the quality of weekly and monthly program reports of these activities.

2. Scope of work

Support the implementation of HIV health services activities, data cleaning and reporting. Specific tasks may include:

  • Acting as focal person to receive lay and self-testing and index testing monthly reports (electronic and paper-based reports, referral slips, confirmatory testing and ART enrolment certificates) from CBOs in Hanoi

  • Ensuring that valid referral slips are submitted by CBOs for all positive cases reported to HM

  • Consolidating monthly reports and supporting documents of HIV self-testing activities to submit to the VAAC for liquidation

  • Running the first review of the monthly report on HIV testing to ensure no missing information of all indicators

  • Following-up with CBOs for missing reports, supporting documents, or additional information of any missing data in monthly reports

  • Collaborating with M&E team for data cross-check or verification with CBOs

  • Participating in supportive supervision visits to CBOs for service quality improvement

  • Facilitating trainings and workshops

  • Supporting with other relevant tasks as required.

3. Deliverables and timelines

From October 01, 2020 to September 30, 2021 based on actual work implemented.


Detailed Activities

Proposed timeline


Quarterly report of Hanoi testing and PrEP services

By 10th of Jan, April, and 30Sep , 2021


Monthly consultancy report

By 30th of each month

4. Payment:

Payment will be made to individual bank accounts every month upon submission of monthly reports and associated supervision checklists

5. Reporting and SOW supervisor

Health Service Specialist: Doan Hong Anh

The closing date for application is August 30, 2020. Applicants will submit their application package to Ms. Pham Thi Thu Hang via email at [email protected]

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Sun, 2020-08-30