Consultant for Translation of Ophthalmic Training Videos

Translating Ophthalmic Training Videos

Location: Hanoi.
Type of Contract: Consultant
Length of Contract: 1 month (1st to 30th December 2018)
Report to: Program Manager

1. Overview:

Orbis International is a non-profit organization dedicated to eye care for all, through strengthening healthcare systems and building institutional capacity to prevent and treat preventable blindness. Since 1982, Orbis has provided practical hands-on surgical and clinical training for eye care professionals worldwide. Orbis training and education is delivered through:

  1. The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital (FEH)
  2. Hospital Based Trainings (HBT).
  3. Cybersight®, a patient care consultation and online education program that extends the presence of Volunteer Faculty (VF).

At the core of all Orbis training programs is our comprehensive and diverse global cadre of over 400 Volunteer Faculty, providing ophthalmic education and instruction to increase our partners’ skill, service and the quality of patient care.

Orbis began collaborating with Vietnam’s ophthalmic communities in 1996 through hospital-based projects and a permanent office was established in Ha Noi in 2003. In over more than 15 years in Vietnam, Orbis has been providing the highest level of expertise to support the development of eye care services and blindness prevention. This includes support to improve capacity of partnered eye hospitals through providing training in different ophthalmic sub-specialties such as Pediatric Eye Care, Retinopathy of Prematurity, Cataract services, Eye Bank, Vision Centers and Diabetic Retinopathy.

2. Job summary:

Orbis is looking for a potential and competent candidate to provide services in translating and voice dubbing a number of ophthalmic training videos from English to Vietnamese language in 2018.

The Consultant will be provided MP4 training videos for transcribing, translating into Vietnamese language, and dubbing the Vietnamese voice over the videos.

3. Deliverables:

  • ENG transcription of the training videos provided
  • Vietnamese version of the training videos provided
  • The MP4 training video dubbed into Vietnamese.
  • Consultant team’s Qualification and Experiences:
    • B.A in English Language with certificate of medical interpretation or Medical Doctor with IELTS > 6.5 or equivalent.
    • Ophthalmic knowledge is an advantage.
    • Experience in translating/interpreting medical training courses are advantages.
    • Ability for time management and deadline-driven.
    • At least one team member should be ophthalmologist
    • Well dubbing skills.

4. Competency:

  • Effective communication skills (both Vietnamese and English language)
  • Good working attitude
  • Good computer skills

5. Application:

  • CV
  • Letter of Interest
  • Consultant fee for:
    • Translate from English to Vietnamese (per minute of an original video)
    • Dubbing into Vietnamese (per minute of an original video)

    Note: Consultants are encouraged to provide the full package of services (a) and (b) or select one of them based on their capacity.

Application deadline by 5PM November 28, 2018
To: Mr. Phan Viet Phuong - Office Assistant
Orbis International - Vietnam Office
Email: [email protected]

Job Details
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Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2018-11-28