Consultant to Review and Develop Internal Management System Regarding ASC Group Requirements for Shrimp Cooperatives

Background of consultancy assignment/ project

WWF-Vietnam is part of WWF-Greater Mekong which operates in 5 countries: Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. Find out more at

WWF Vietnam has developed an aquaculture strategy that focuses on reducing the impacts from aquaculture to maintain the ecological integrity of the Mekong Delta by addressing social, economic and environmental sustainability through WWF’s Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIP), and Market Transformation Initiative (MTI). WWF encourages large retailers and restaurant chains to adopt responsible seafood procurement policies that call for sourcing responsibly farmed seafood products. Through this approach, WWF Vietnam also engages with the government to design / revise regulatory policy that will support a responsible aquaculture industry. Within DANIDA project (phase 4th) period 2018-2021, we are following objectives:

  • A strengthened civil society contributes to improved policies and their implementation in key sectors in terms of improved environmental sustainability, increased social inclusion and economic equity for youth, women and men.
  • Market-based change mechanisms contribute to sustainable production and consumption with increased social inclusion and economic equity for youth, women and men.

Currently, WWF-Vietnam is cooperating with international seafood buyers (Nothcoast, Fish Tale) and processing plants in Soc Trang province to conduct project on “Introducing cost sharing for ASC certification of Vietnam small-scale shrimp farmers in the supply chain for farmed shrimps” aimed to guide small-scale shrimp farmers in the Mekong Delta on path towards better management practices and ultimately to achieve ASC certification. Besides, establish a cost-sharing model where the expenses of certifying and sustain ASC certification are shared more evenly between the value chain actors (i.e. shrimp cooperatives, processors and buyers). At the movement, there were one cooperative has been already ASC certification in Sep.19 (with 17 farmers, 31ha and 250MT/ASC shrimp/year). And the project is continuing cooperation with it’s stakeholders to support for 2 shrimp cooperatives in Soc Trang province move forward ASC certification in 2020 early. 

The ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certificate is currently one of the most stringent international standards applicable to aquaculture, which is based on four major platforms: environment, society, animal welfare and food safety. On 9th April 2019, ASC has just released new ASC group certification that applying for farmer groups. One of the most important requirements is shrimp cooperatives have to apply internal management system for all of farms and establish group management body in shrimp cooperatives. However, these requirements are quite difficulty for small-scale farmers who lack of capacity on group management as management system in cooperative.

Therefore, to helps for two shrimp cooperatives in project sites can adapt and apply to ASC group standard requirements, WWF-Vietnam is seeking a consultant to conduct reviewing and developing the internal management system regarding ASC group requirements for two shrimp cooperatives in Soc Trang province. Please refer to the attached ToR for more details.

Objective of the consultancy

The aim of this service is to carry full reviewing and developing the internal management system in conditions matching with ASC shrimp group requirements (released by ASC in April 2019) for two shrimp cooperatives in Soc Trang province.

Proposal required

  • Profile, financial proposals and CVs of consultancy service must be required to be signed and stamped;
  • Certifications/degrees of consultant team related to fields as ToR required (copy examples);
  • Financial and technical proposal packages in English should be sent to: Aquaculture Programme, WWF Vietnam - Cantho office, at 3rd Floor, Center for Services and Technology Transfer Can Tho University, Campus II, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu Dist., Can Tho City or via email: [email protected] no later than 17:30 on the 27th October 2019
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Sun, 2019-10-27