Consultancy for for "Conducting Biogas End Users Survey 2017"


Country:           Vietnam
Organisation:   SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Program:          Vietnam Biogas Program - Creating a Market Driven Biogas Sector
Donor:              Energising Development (EnDev)
Abstract:          Conducting Biogas End Users Survey 2017.
Location:          5 provinces include Hanoi, Hai Duong, Thai Nguyen, Bac Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An
Duration:          15th October to 17th November, 2017

I. Background

Since 2003, SNV cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to implement The Vietnam Biogas Programme funded by The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS). The Programme aims to contribute to rural development and environmental preservation through the provision of clean and affordable energy; improvement of community’s sanitation and health, creation of jobs for rural labour and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

During phase I and II (2003 – 2012), BP focussed on promoting brick digesters, through training and providing subsidy to farmers, more than 1,500 trained masons delivered 120,000 brick digesters.

Since 2009, composite digester have entered the project and becoming a major player in biogas sector in Vietnam. Composite technologies have been adopted to join BP in 2013 when SNV/BP started the project intervention named “Creating a Market Driven Biogas Sector” funded by ENDEV/ Under this project a result-based finance (RBF) mechanism provides incentives to the enterprises and not to the households any longer. In total close to 170,000 biodigesters have been distributed in this programme.

To evaluate the impact on biogas users, and assess the impact of RBF on biogas enterprise development, SNV is seeking for a consultant firm to conduct a biogas survey.

II. Consultancy service description

1.    Objective

The objective of the survey is to assess the impact of the biodigesters, gender aggregated, and to evaluate the enterprise development in relation to the Results Based Finance mechanism.

2.    Scope of Work

The specific objectives of this assignment are to give answer to the following items:

  • Define possible differences in performance and functionality of composite digesters compared to brick made digesters in terms of maintenance, technical defaults, and appropriateness.
  • Identify the performance and functionality of biodigesters under BP constructed more than 10 years ago to identify durability and needs for repair.
  • Assess how biogas enterprises respond to the Results Based Finance mechanism, how and to what extend it affected business operations, and how RBF attribute to that.
  • Evaluate the difference in RBF impact on businesses between masons of brick made digesters and composite installers/producers.

Approach and methods

To give answer to the questions above, a mix method approach will be followed. The consultants will conduct focus group discussions with enterprises, face to face interviews with biogas users and entrepreneurs in the field, and observe and check the functioning of digesters through checks, and. carry out telephone interviews with households and enterprises.

  • BP and SNV will provide guidance around the questionnaires, observation sheets and guidance will be provided by SNV and BP.
  • Data collection will happen through an online data collection platform.

The biogas household survey will be conducted across 5 provinces, where 150 biogas users are visited and 20 enterprises.

  • Phone interview will be conducted on 200 biogas users and 90 enterprises.

Findings will be compared to earlier surveys to identify trends and analyse differences.

3.    Deliverables and timeframe

  • 15th -30th October Data collection, cleaning and analysis
  • 1st -7th November Draft Report (15 pages English)
  • 14th November Presentation for SNV and BP
  • 17th November End Report (15 pages English and Vietnamese)

III. Consultancy management

The consultant will work closely with SNV/BP in the assignment and follow the SNV’s procedure and regulation. 

IV. Requirements of consultant(s)

  • Experience with conducting surveys in application of tables and online tool.
  • Excellence written in Vietnamese and English.
  • Flexibility and suitability to undertake the assignment at the required level and pressing time.
  • Work experience in biogas sector is an advantage

V. Submission of the Proposal

Interested consultant(s) are invited to send their technical proposal and financial proposal with the title “BUS 2017 - Biogas Program” by 18th October 2017 to:

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
3rd floor, D Building, La Thanh hotel, 218 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Email: [email protected] 

For more information, please refer to the attached TOR.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2017-10-18