Child Rights Consultant

1. Overview

Good Neighbors is an international, non-profit humanitarian organization that plans, implements and raises funds for the provision of services in child education, community development, health, sanitation, and disaster relief projects. Currently Good Neighbors has been operating in 30 countries, supporting approximately 16.8 million people, including 9.6 million children.

Good Neighbors in Vietnam(GNV) is implementing Community Development Projects (CDP) based on child sponsorship in 3 provinces; Tuyen Quang, Hoa Binh, and Thanh Hoa. GNV is working in main areas such as child sponsorship and education, water and sanitation, income generation, etc. in 9 CDPs and is managing 7,346 sponsored children.    

GNV is planning various advocacy activities which raise awareness about child right. As part of those activities, GNV is supposed to implement child right education toward sponsored children and their parents, and to bring child right education programs of Good Neighbors International(GNI) to GNV in this year. However, because GNI’s education programs are designed considering Korean situation, the contents of education programs should be requested for consultation in applying to Vietnam. Accordingly, GNV is looking for a native expert to offer appropriate consulting on as mentioned.  

2. Purpose of the consultation

- Provide evaluation and recommendation on GNV’s child right education like followings.
- To evaluate on appropriateness of the education programs’ contents in applying them to Vietnam; considering legal, institutional, social and cultural factors of Vietnam. 
- To provide recommendation for designing the education programs’ contents as suitable to Vietnam.
- To provide recommendation on practical methods to implement including the pilot test.

3. Scope of the consultation

3.1. Types of the education programs

- CES(Child Empowering Service)
CES is a program to raise child’s awareness about 4 rights of the child and self-protection method in dangerous situations, and targets pre-school aged children.

- Parent training
Parent education targets parents or teachers around the child. This education program is composed to 3 parts; education to raise awareness on child rights and child abuse, education to give information on methods for rearing child, sex education for parents.

3.2. Details of the consultation

Before starting to apply these 2 education programs to all CDP, GNV is supposed to implement the pilot test for 2 CDPs in each program. Accordingly the consultation is requested by followings.

Before the pilot test

- Overall review on CES and Parent education manual of GNV;

  • Theoretical background of the education
  • Target of the education
  • Composition of the education
  • Education method; script of the education and instruments of the education
  • Real performance of the education

- Evaluation and Recommendation on appropriateness of the contents in applying to Vietnam by various aspects; legal, institutional, social and cultural factors of Vietnam.
- Recommendation on the pilot test; 

  • Plan of the pilot test
  • Evaluation methods on the pilot test

- At the pilot test

  • Inspection and review on real performances in the pilot test.

- After the pilot test

  • Evaluation and Recommendation on the result of the pilot test.
  • Recommendation on supplement of the contents before real applying.

3.3. Time duration

- This consultancy is expected to start by the end of Sep 2013. The final evaluation and recommendation should be delivered by the end of Nov 2013.
- Time for each activity will be discussed and agreed between GNV, key partners, local authorities in the target areas and consultant.

4. Methodology

- Meeting and Discussion with GNV in the period of the consultation.
- Desk study on GNV child right education programs.
- Process and analyze the data.
- Make first report on requested particulars before the pilot test. 
- Inspection on the performances.
- In-depth interviews with partners and collecting their responses in the spot of the pilot test.
- Make final report on requested particulars after the pilot test.

5. Responsibilities of the consultant and GNV

- For consultant
Consultant works as the leader;

  • Prepare and Implement all consulting progress as mentioned in 3) Scope of consultation and 4) Methodology of the consultation progressing.
  • Make first/final reports.

- For GNV

GNV Sponsorship service division (SSD) staffs join all progress of consulting and cooperate with the consultant;

  • Arrange overall schedule and details for consultation.
  • Provide necessary research services.
  • Contact and arrange meetings with local partners.(If necessary)
  • Prepare and implement the pilot test based on recommendation from consulting.
  • Financial resource for consultation.
  • Review and approve the submitted reports. 
  • Support the others to be requested.

6. Criteria for selection 

• Vietnamese nationality
• A master degree or higher in fields related to education, social work, social policy, gender and psychological development, 05-year relevant work experience with progress.
• Extensive experience and knowledge of Child’s rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
• Experience in capacity building for stakeholders and local people, gender equality and sex education for adolescents.
• Report and presentation skills.
• Experience with community development projects.
• Very good writing and documentation skills in both Vietnamese and English;
• Very good and extensively experienced in researching, providing training and developing technical guideline/manual

7. Budget:

1000$ (exclude fee for food, transportation and accommodation during the whole program)

8. Logistics support

  • GNV will provide all relevant documents for the consultant such as training document and materials, work plans, reports, etc.
  • GNV will sign contract with and make payment for the consultant
  • GNV will be responsible for overall coordination of the consultancy work

9. How to Apply:
Interested parties should submit i) a letter of interest, CV(s) as well as other related documents detailing experience and qualifications; ii) A technical proposal with proposed consultant fees.

Deadline for application: Applications should be sent no later than 5:00pm, 25 September, 2013 (Hanoi time) to the following address:

Ms Pham Thi Ha
Good Neighbors International in Vietnam
Apartment 1303, 29T1 Building,
Hoang Dao Thuy Road, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi
Tel:  0462812257 Mobile: 0903.229.768
Email: [email protected]   

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Good Neighbors International (GNI)
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2013-09-25