Global Campaign for Education

Launched in 1999, the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a movement of organisations and individuals around the world that campaigns for the goal of "Education for All".
Vietnam joined the Global Campaign for Education in 2003. Each year it leads the organisation of the Global Action Week for education.

The GCE coalition in Vietnam consists of international and local organisations which, with the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET),  organise local activities for Global Action Week.

Find out more at the website of the Global Campaign for Education.

Finsd out more about education in Asia and the Pacific at the regional website for Education for All. The Education for All movement was born in 1990 at the World Conference on Education for All in Jomtien, Thailand. Sign up to the EFA Asia Pacific e-newsletter here.

Background information: Global Action Week Vietnam 2008

GAW 2008 Media Alert - English 
GAW 2008 Media Alert - Vietnamese
GAW 2008 Big Lesson Plan - English
GAW 2008 Organisation Plan - Vietnamese
GAW 2008 Media Strategy - English
GAW 2008 Media Pack - Vietnamese 
GAW 2008 Resource Pack - Vietnamese