Consultancy to Develop Training of Trainer’s Material on Timber Trade for Customs and Ranger


Title: Develop Training of trainer’s material on timber trade for Customs and Ranger

Project code: INT451.000

Duration: 22 April - 15 June 2020

Duty Station: Hanoi

Supervisors: Project Coordinator and Director of TRAFFIC in Vietnam


TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, works to ensure that trade in wildlife plants and animals is not a threat to the conservation of nature. TRAFFIC monitors wildlife trade at international, regional and national levels – researching both domestic and international chains of supply and demand to identify interventions and increase the efficiency of management. TRAFFIC works closely with governments, providing critical information on the impacts of trade, motivating efforts to increase the ecological sustainability of trade in wild species, and helping to improve enforcement of international wildlife trade controls.

Reinforcing Chinese Government and industry action to reduce illegal timber exports from Cameroon, Viet Nam and other transit countries” project is funded by DFID. Viet Nam Customs and Rangers training on timber trade legality, including VPA legality definitions, is part of the project, which will be implemented in Viet Nam from March 2019 to March 2020. This project is designed to increase legal compliance with timber harvest and trade controls along the supply chain from Central African countries and Viet Nam to China and the European Union (EU). Cameroon and Republic of Congo have signed Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPA) and Viet Nam is negotiating a VPA with the EU, with participating countries agreeing to VPA legality definitions. Project outputs are (1) delivery of legality training tools and materials based on VPA legality definitions, especially by Customs and Rangers to strengthen monitoring and combating illegal timber trade; and (2) strengthening China’s timber legality standards for industry.

TRAFFIC, in collaboration with VNFOREST, organized the first training course on timber trade for Customs and Rangers at national and provincial levels on September 2019. In 2020, the project will implement the second training course with the expectation that trainees will be provided with the most updated knowledge and skills to better serve their work in wood monitoring and management import.

In order to successfully implement this training course, TRAFFIC is looking for consultants to finalize the training materials before the training course is conducted, the content of this document must meet the requirements below:

The objective of the training is to strengthen the capacity of Customs and FPD on timber trade and timber identification with a focus on illegally traded timber, help them have a clear and better understanding of requirements of laws and regulations for timber imports and exports, and enhance their ability to identify timber. The training content will cover the topics of legal timber trade and timber identification over 02 days. Specifically, the knowledge and guidelines of timber trade legality will be delivered in one day (section 1) and CITES regulation and timber identification will be delivered in one day (section 2). The project is seeking consultants with specific requirements below.

Scope of the consultancy

  • Consultant team (01 VPA / FLEGT expert - Team leader; 01 Timber import and export regulations expert, with experience in customs - team member; 01 Timber identification expert- team member) are responsible for developing the Training of Trainer materials for Customs and Rangers based on the study of relevant documents and regulations (including those provided by TRAFFIC from the first training course), updating the information from the relevant legal documents, identifying a list of common natural wood species imported from Africa into Vietnam in accordance with the subject of training and requirements of the project.

  • The consultant team will work with TRAFFIC to organize consultations with the General Department of Customs and VNFOREST for the Training of Trainer materials and will edit and finalize the document sent to TRAFFIC before 15 June 2020.




Carried out by

Work with TRAFFIC to agree on a programme of work for the consultancy package. Collect existing TRAFFIC documents

30 April 2020

TRAFFIC, Consultants

Collect and study related documents

15 May 2020


Compile Training of Trainer materials and send to TRAFFIC for review (TRAFFIC will send to VNFOREST and the General Department of Customs for consultation)

31 May 2020

Consultants, TRAFFIC

Revise and finalize the Training of Trainer materials in Vietnamese


15 June 2020


To apply and express your interest in this consultancy contract, please send your CV and cover letter to Ms. Chau Pham (email: [email protected]/ Telephone: 024.37265023)  and clearly indicate subject: “Ref: Consultancy to Develop Training of trainer’s material on timber trade for Customs and Ranger.” Short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Deadline for submission is 22 April 2020. 

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Wed, 2020-04-22