WHO Official Pinpoints 3 Factors to Help Vietnam Curb COVID-19 Hotspots

World Health Organization (WHO) Representative in Vietnam Kidong Park has pointed out three main factors to help Vietnam curb the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection clusters in the new outbreak starting from late July, state media reported. First, Vietnam has been so quick to activate its system to respond to the disease, which helped local health authorities soon detect suspected cases. The government has also sent the country’s top health experts to local hotspots for support. Second, Vietnam has maintained its sharing of information about the disease and its risks, which helped locals follow anti-disease measures. Third, the Vietnamese government has issued very strong orders to local authorities at the beginning of the outbreak. As of September 8, the world has witnessed the presence of 179 COVID-19 vaccine CANDidates, including Vietnam, the WHO official said, adding that Vietnam can access COVID-19 vaccine through (i) WHO-co-chaired international mechanism, (ii) bilateral deals, and (iii) Vietnam’s success in developing COVID-19 vaccine. (Bao Chinh Phu, Bao Chinh Phu, CafeF)