Used Cars for Sales


The International Center invites individuals/organizations to attend a bidding for a package of the 02(two) used vehicles (sold together) as follows:

Vehicle Type: car 

Manufacturer: Toyota

Model: Landcruiser

Color: white

Year and Country of Manufacturing: 2003, Japan

Type of Fuel Used: Diesel

Permissible no of persons carried: 9

Engine Displacement: 4164 cm3

Used KM:……………

Vehicle Type: car

Manufacturer: Ford

Model: Explorer XLS

Color: white

Year and Country of Manufacturing: 2006, USA

Type of Fuel Used: Fuel

Permissible no of persons carried: 7

Engine Displacement: 4015 cm3

Used KM:……………

The invitation is opened to all bidders from 25th March 2023. The starting price of the package is 500 million VND.

Please print out the bidding form, fill the bidding price in VND and submit in a sealed envelope titled “Bidding for the used cars” to our office address: The International Center (IC)

Room 103, B3 Building Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound 298 Kim Ma street, Hanoi

Deadline for submission of bidding form: no later than 23rd April 2023

The successful bidder will be notified by telephone or email and is required to come to IC Office within 03 days to sign all documents in connection with this bid. If the bidder fails to do so, IC shall notify the person who submitted the second highest bid. The successful bidder is responsible for all formalities/procedures and applicable taxes and fees.

Note: Bidders are encouraged to physical check the car’s condition as well as the vehicle documents before submitting the bid-form. Please contact Mr. Nguyen Binh Minh, No 0903441778  for checking cars.