EMWG's and DPs' key messages at the annual ethnic minority policy forum 2015

The EMWG (with financial support from iSEE) facilitated the participation of representatives of EM communities in the Annual Policy Forum on ethnic minority development with focus on “The implementation of the MDG Action Plan for Ethnic Minorities in the 2016-2020 SEDPs”, towards the goal “Leave no one behind” in December 2015. This platform is regularly organized by CEMA in partnership with National Assembly deputies, Government agencies, UN agencies, development partners, local and international NGOs and academia. Importantly, representatives of ethnic minority communities actively participated in the forum and lively discussed issues that they are facing in the course of development and proposed possible solutions.

Co-working with development partners, the EMWG constructs key messages on the development and implementation of SEDP and NTP/SPR period 2016 - 2020 and presents them at this important event. The presentation can be found in ENG and VNese.