Social Economic Development Strategy and Socio-Economic Development Plan

The Vietnamese Government's main strategy for development comprises the 10-year Social Economic Development Strategy (SEDS) and the five year Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP).

The actions needed to translate the 10-year SEDS into reality are described in the five-year SEDPs. As one of the most important documents of the Government of Vietnam, each SEDP provides a framework and directions for different ministries and sectors to develop their own plans of actions and annual plans. The 2006-2010 SEDP aimed to move Vietnam from low-income status to the rank of middle-income countries, which it achieved in 2010.

Another mechanism, the Poverty Reduction Support Credit (PRSC) process, is the main aid instrument for providing direct budget support to the government to finance the SEDP, based on annual policy actions approved by the government. The policy dialogue on the draft policy actions takes place between donors, led by the World Bank, and government agencies through technical meetings.

In 2010 the Vietnamese Government is preparing the Socio-Economic Development Plan for 2011-2015 and the Social Economic Development Strategy for 2011-2020.

Role of the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre

The VUFO-NGO Resource Centre coordinates comments from international NGOs on the draft SEDPs, most recently on the SEDP for 2011-2015.

It also participates in Poverty Reduction Support Credit meetings and helps disseminate information among international NGOs in Vietnam.

The NGO Resource Centre also represents international NGOs at the twice-yearly meetings of the Vietnam Consultative Group, which brings together donors, or development partners, and the Vietnamese Government at the highest level, and also comment on the SEDS and SEDP. At the meeting on June 9, 2010, the development partners provided inputs to the 2011-2020 SEDS and 2011-2015 SEDP.

For more information on the Social Economic Development Strategy, Socio-Economic Development Plan and Poverty Reduction Support Credit see the Vietnam section of the World Bank website.