Climate Change Working Group Special Events 2008

Climate Change Working Group Meeting on REDD, August 2008

On August 12, 2008 the CCWG hosted a meeting of NGOs to discuss emerging issues relating to forests, climate change and Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD). The meeting was well attended with more than 20 representatives of local and international NGOs, and provided an overview of government plans for REDD in Vietnam and the potential impact of national forest protection policies and incentives on indigenous people and poor forest dependent communities. The meeting included a presentation by Mr Pham Manh Cuong of the Forestry Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The views expressed in the meeting minutes will be taken to a civil society gathering in Ghana later this month, where participants will discuss the risks and opportunities involved in REDD, and develop strategies to strengthen the voice of forest-dependent communities in the debate about the design of REDD mechanisms. Participants from the civil society meeting will then join sessions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Ad-hoc Working Groups, where they hope to influence the shape of future international policies on forests and climate change.
Presentation by Mr Pham Manh Cuong

Climate change and REDD, April 2008

Facilitated by SNV, this event was held on April 24, 2008, to coincide with the Asia Pacific Forestry Week (APFW), which occured over April 21-26. The event featured a special Guest speaker - David Huberman - who was visiting Hanoi for the APFW - and focussed on REDD, the forestry mechanism proposed for the post-2012 UNFCCC protocol. Click on the link below to read his presentation.
Presentation by David Huberman

REDD - a steep learning curve, April 2008

Notes from a session at the Asia Pacific Forestry Week, Hanoi, April 2008
As part of the Asia Pacific Forestry Week in Hanoi this April, SNV and GTZ facilitated a session on the financial and social implications of REDD – the new forestry-based mitigation mechanism which is currently the subject of UN climate change negotiations for the post-2012 Protocol. Among the presenters were Dr Joe Leitmann of the World Bank, Dr Mark Infield of FFI, David Huberman of IUCN and Ben Vickers of SNV. Presentations were followed by four parallel discussions, chaired by the speakers in a World Café format. The session covered several topics of considerable interest, not only to foresters, but to all involved in climate change issues. The structure and objectives of the World Bank’s funds for supporting REDD preparedness, the emergence of a voluntary market in REDD through major new projects in Indonesia, the potential impact of REDD on rural poverty and the possible shape of the UN REDD mechanism post-2012, were all discussed at some length. For a summary of the session proceedings, please follow the link below.
Session notes