Climate Change Working Group Statements and Comments

  • CCWG Statement for Mid-Year Consultative Group (MYCG) Meeting
    NGO representatives at the 2008 MYCG between the government and donors made a statement on climate change, focusing on a) addressing the vulnerabilities of poor people by developing community-based adaptation measures building on existing local knowledge and participation, b) recognising the supportive role of civil society in responding to climate change; and c) recognizing the value of forests in mitigating climate change and providing environmental, social and poverty reduction benefits. These messages reinforced the broader points made on climate change by the donor community and the comments from the international community to the National Target Programme.
  • NGO comments on the Draft 5th National Target Programme (NTP)
    These NGO comments to the 5th Draft NTP were attached as an annex to the detailed comments submitted by the donor group to the NTP drafting committee in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE). Subsequently, the drafting committee met with donors and some NGO reps (WWF, Oxfam, CARE) and agreed to receive substantive text from the international community on specific sections. NGO contributions focused on low-carbon technology (WWF), addressing vulnerability and risk assessments (Oxfam) and community-based adaptation and civil society participation in climate change (CARE).