Sector Classifications used in the INGO Directory

International NGO activities in the INGO Directory are classified using the following list of sectors.

Age-related Issues
Capacity building
Child Rights
Children Issues – Other
Climate Change
Community Development
Construction and Infrastructure
Disaster Management
Education - Basic
Education - Inclusive
Education - Language Training
Education - Teacher Training
Education - Vocational Training
Ethnic Minorities
Gender Issues
Health - Agent Orange
Health - Disabilities
Health - Eye care
Health - Epidemics
Health - HIV/AIDS
Health - Nutrition
Health - Primary Care
Health - Reproductive
Health - Training and Education
Health - Water and Sanitation
Income Generation - Enterprises
Income Generation - Handicrafts
Income Generation - Microfinance
Information and Communication
Landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO)
Natural Resources - Agriculture
Natural Resources - Environment
Natural Resources - Forestry
Natural Resources - Water and Irrigation
Natural Resources - Wildlife
War Legacies
Water Supply and Sanitation