Ethnic Minority Working Group Events 2006

28 September, 2006

EMWG meeting on 'The Pu Y Culture - a study by Pu Y people'

  • Overview of Study
  • Potential of using PRA tools for a participatory research on Culture

19 July, 2006

EMWG meeting on: A practical approach towards child-friendly ethnic community

  • Child-friendly ethnic community - an overview
  • Child-friendly school library - an initiative

23 June, 2006

EMWG meeting on: Village Development Planning in ethnic minority villages

25 April, 2006

EMWG meeting on 'Bridging the gaps between local government at commune level ad local population'. Presentations by Helvetas project officers:

7th March, 2006

EMWG Joint-meeting with SANRM on 'Indigenous Seeds: What are the challenges of indigenous seeds when Vietnam accesses into WTO? Are there any measures to protect Indigenous Seeds from bad impacts?'

Presentation by Ms Hoang My Lan from VECO Vietnam focused on Intellectual Property Rights and the relation between IPR with Biodiversity and indigenous/local communities. It also underlined the impacts on small scales farmers/ethnic people when Vietnam accesses into WTO and applies IPR law. The measures to protect indigenous seeds and the farmers' right were also discussed.

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