INGO Forum Meetings 2006

INGO Forum Meeting - 27 October 2006

This meeting had four main items:

  1. Bill Tod, SNV, did a presentation on the VDR 2007 NGO-consultation process.
  2. Andy Wehkamp, on behalf of the 4 INGO representatives at the CG-meeting 2006 did a short presentation about the meetings, and then oppened the floor for comments from the forum.
  3. The Forum accepted the two candidates who had submitted text's for consideration for becoming INGO-representatives in Health Partnership Group and MARD-ISG respectively.
  4. NGO RC Co-Director Trine Glue Doan Provided an update on news since last meeting in regards to PIT, Permits, Audits, Social Insurance and Decree 64.

Background documents

INGO Forum Meeting - 8 September 2006

Co-Director Trine Glue Doan, continue provided an update on subject of PIT and present some selection Group Guidelines and other activities relevant to GCAP and SEDP consultation.

INGO Forum Meeting - 23 June 2006

Co-Director, Trine Glue Doan, provided an update on what has happened since the last INGO forum meeting on 5 May 2006. As announced in an email to the Members, it was mentioned that PACCOM facilitated a meeting between COMINGO, INGOs, the General Department of Taxation, and MOF regarding Personal Income Tax issues on Tuesday 23 May 2006. The NGO RC will invite the selected INGO PIT group to a meeting in order to formulate a written statement from the INGO community and propose different possible strategies for moving ahead.

Other topics discussed included:

  • A briefing of the mid-term Consultative Group Meeting
  • Working Group updates and Partnership Group updates
  • An update on the consultation of NGOs on the Poverty Reduction Support Credit to be held at the Resource Centre at 10:00 - 12:00, 7 July 2006 - See the presentation by Carrie Turk, Senior Poverty Specialist from the World Bank Vietnam for more details.
  • Meeting minutes

INGO Forum Meeting - 5 May 2006

This first INGO Forum of 2006 introduced the new Co-Director, Ms. Trine Glue Doan, to our Members. It was also an important opportunity for INGOs to comment on the National Programme for the Promotion of INGOs and provide collective feedback to PACCOM. Mr. Phong, from PACCOM, was present at the meeting and assured INGOs that their comments were highly valued.

A second issue discussed was the continued problems that INGOs are having with the tax authorities over the payment of PIT and the ensuing auditing of INGOs. Members selected a group of INGO representatives to attend discussions with PACCOM and the tax authorities in the coming weeks.