Development Links

Websites - Vietnam

This website provides information about Vietnam's socio-economic development strategies and data.
The Vietnam Development Gateway is a member organization of the Development Gateway for the application of ICT for development, poverty alleviation and reducing the digital divide.
The Vietnam Development Forum is a joint research project of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo and the National Economics University in Hanoi. Its research, studies and papers are available on its website.
General Statistics Office for Vietnam
Vietnam's resource for monthly data collection. It provides excellent information on trade, output, education, information technology, and so on. National census data is also available.
Statistical information that focuses on health, education, gender and child protection.
This project aims to increase participation of the poor in Vietnam in three areas – public private partnership in infrastructure services, value chains, and private sector employment. It is funded by the Asian Development Bank and the UK Department for International Development and is coordinated through the Ministry of Planning and Investment.


Websites - International

An interactive database of information collected in the Human Development Reports that allows users to easily compare a wide range of the country's basic indicators internationally. Information is also provided on the construction of the Human Development Index.

World Bank Data

An overview of development indicators and links to more specific topics, by sector and by country.
A useful source for demographic and health related information.
Compiled by the World Bank from a variety of resources, this website provides detailed international, regional and national education statistics and related data.
This is a network for journalists, scientists, press officers and others who communicate about research - health, environment, agriculture, and so on. Many of the topics concern development issues. Registration is free.