Webmaster for Maintenance of the CCWG Web Site

To strengthen the capacity of civil society actors on climate change mitigation, adaptation, and policy advocacy, the Embassy of Finland is funding a three-year, €222,000 capacity building project on climate change for the staff, management, and local partners of civil society organizations in Vietnam (Capacity building project). The Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) is coordinating the project, in collaboration with members of two civil society networks: the VUFO-NGO Resource Center’s NGO Climate Change Working Group (CCWG) and the Network of Vietnam Civil Society Organizations and Climate Change (VCSO&CC).
The capacity building project will work to counter the threat of climate change by broadening access to information, strengthening coordination among civil society actors, increasing knowledge and skills through training activities, and enhancing the exchange of information and experience among practitioners and policy-makers.
To enhance NGOs access to information, communication and coordination on climate change, one of our priorities is to improve the CCWG website which is now hosted by the NGO Resource Centre.
Therefore, the Capacity building project would like to hire a webmaster working part time for maintenance of the CCWG website. The responsibilities, supervision and requirements of this webmaster are described below:

Report to:                 Project Coordinator
Collaborate with:        Project Information Officer and Webmaster/IT Support Volunteer of NGO Resource Centre
Supported by and under the supervision of SRD and the Project Steering Committee, the Webmaster will be responsible for improving, maintaining the regular and perfect operation of the CCWG website.

Key Responsibilities:
- Working with Information Officer, Project Coordinator and NGO RC IT specialist to outline weblayout, redesign CCWG website
- Updating information on  climate  change  adaptation,  mitigation  projects  and  programs,  best practice policy and applied case-studies in both - Vietnamese and English to the CCWG website
- Working with Information Officer and Project and NGO RC IT specialist to initiate and maintain online forums and develop database
- Managing the technical evolution of the CCWG website and providing technical support for problem resolution
- Configuring servers and setting communication parameters which ensure timely delivery of information
- Ensuring presentation of a consistent visual image on the CCWG websites by promoting uniform fonts, formatting icons, images, layout techniques, and modularization
- Maintaining HTML template/image archives and related records as required
- Being the focal contact point for all IT issues related to the CCWG website
- Being CCWG website mailing list moderator
- Performing related work as required.

- Successful Applicants are expected to have:
- Considerable knowledge of the World Wide Web as a system and of the principles and practices of good website design from both server and client perspectives;
- Considerable knowledge of, and ability to develop, web site architecture and applications using Hypertext Markup Language;
- Knowledge of relevant hardware, software applications, and techniques used in website design, development, and maintenance;
- Experience of  Linux Server, TCP/IP, systems administration, CGI gateways, security/firewalls, databases, and database linking;
- Exerience of using Open Source development technologies DRUPAL, MYSQL and PHP;
- Knowledge of web 2.0 and social media websites.
- Knowledge of, and ability to work with the various computer operating systems;
- Ability to learn complex technical materials and adapt in a rapidly changing; technological area;
- Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with  project related staff and outside contacts.

Qualification requirements:
- IT Degree or equivalent and two-years work experience in internet/intranet site development and maintenance, web management and designing role;
Good command in both English and Vietnamese
- Proficiency in IT skills;
- Pro-active personality;
- High attention to detail;
- Creative;
- Previous experience of working for a non-government organization (NGO) will be an asset;
- Having knowledge of environmental and climate change issues will be an advantage.

A thirty-two (32) month working contract with SRD will be concluded with the monthly salary of 3,400,000 VND.

Part-time: Aproximately 50% of fulltime working hour (Negotiable and flexible).
Nevertheless, applicants’ wishing to work fulltime will be considered and negotiable.


12:00, 17th August, 2009

Candidates for the position are requested to submit letters of application and CV in English to the below address. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.
Centre for Sustainable Rural Development – SRD
No6, Lane 1, Le Van Huu Str., Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Attn: Application for Webmaster Position
Applications may also be submitted via e-mail to:  [email protected].  The candidates may go to www.srd.org.vn or contact SRD for Job Descriptions in details.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2009-08-17