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The NGO Child Rights Working Group (CRWG) was established in June 2006 as INGO initiative to strengthen the Government's efforts in advancing children's rights, consolidate and strengthen and avoid repetition of NGO efforts.

It is composed of international NGOs working in Vietnam, mass organisations, local NGOs and other Vietnamese community groups. Other relevant agencies and organisations, such as UN bodies and specialised agencies (UNICEF, ILO, UNODC, etc), government ministries and organisations, research institutes and experts are welcome to participate.

The chairmanship is undertaken on a rotating basis. The Working Group aims to share information and generate discussions on child rights issues, including early child care and development, child participation, protection of children from abuse, violence and exploitation through labour, trafficking and prostitution, juvenile justice, child poverty, childhood disability, education, health, handling of child rights violations, CRC reporting and following up to the recommendations of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, through regular forums informally organised by international NGOs in Vietnam.


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