WB Supports Vietnam Agriculture Ministry’s Climate-resilient Projects

On May 31, Vietnamese Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan met with World Bank (WB) officials to discuss climate-resilient agricultural projects in Vietnam, local media reported.

The meeting highlighted ongoing collaboration and future projects aimed at modernizing Vietnam’s agriculture sector and mitigating climate change impacts in the Mekong Delta.

Minister Hoan acknowledged the WB’s support, which has significantly improved infrastructure and livelihoods in Vietnam. The WB9 project in the Mekong Delta has converted 207,000 hectares to climate-resilient models, benefiting 1.8 million people, exceeding project targets.

Building on WB9’s success, the ministry is preparing the MERIT-WB11 project with ten Mekong Delta provinces. This project aligns with national resolutions and plans, focusing on sustainable and advanced technological solutions to meet increasing needs.

Ms. Mona Sur, Practice Manager for Environment, Natural Resources and the Blue Economy in the East Asia and Pacific Region at the WB, emphasized the need for smart technology in enhancing farmers’ resilience. She highlighted the importance of science and technology in agriculture for future projects.