Vinh Long Safely Deactivates 150-kg Bomb

An unexploded 150kg bomb which was dropped by the US troops during the war in Vietnam has been safely detonated in Vinh Long Province, Colonel Pham Van Be Tu, commander of the provincial Military High Command, said on April 12. The bomb was discovered in the garden of a resident in My Loc commune of Tam Binh district. It measured 1.2m in length and posed a great risk to everyone within proximity. It took sappers nearly two hours to deactivate the bomb and transport it a safe distance from residential areas for a controlled detonation. The provincial sappers also collected three 105mm artillery ammunitions in the vicinity. The collection and deactivation of bombs, mines, and unexploded ordnances (UXOs) aims to ensure the safety of residents in their daily lives and production activities, while gradually clearing the vast quantity of UXOs which remain as a dark legacy of America’s war. (VOV Apr 12)