Survey on Socio-economic Situation of Ethnic Minority Group Launched

A survey on the socio-economic situation of Vietnam's 53 ethnic minority groups started on October 1, announced the General Statistics Office (GSO). The survey aims to collect information on population size, income, socio-economic and housing conditions of ethnic minority households to reflect the socio-economic status of 53 ethnic groups, to compile statistical indicators serving the making of policies on socio-economic development for ethnic minority areas in 2021-2025. It will also serve as a basis to update statistical information and data on ethnic minorities in Vietnam. The survey will be conducted at 54 provinces and cities including 51 provinces with ethnic minority and mountainous communes and three localities with many ethnic minorities, namely HCM City, andy Long An and Binh Duong provinces. The survey includes household and commune questionnaires. The household questionnaire covers general information about population; information on the birth history of adolescent females aged 10-14 and women aged 15-49 years and on housing and living conditions of the household as well as access to public services. The commune questionnaire consists of information on the usage of electricity, roads, schools, health care, environmental hygiene and the intellectual standards of communal administration’s staff. According to the GSO, the survey is a sampling survey, which aims to ensure representation of some demographic indicators of all ethnic groups as well as each ethnic groups in one district. A full survey will be conducted for ethnic minority groups with a population of less than 10,000 people. This is the second time the agency has worked with the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs to perform such a survey. The previous survey was implemented in August 2015. The survey is expected to be complete by the end of this month and the results will be announced in June next year. To ensure its effectiveness, the GSO has worked with the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs to launch a dissemination campaign to provide information on the purpose, meaning, and basic contents of the survey. (Vietnam News)