Last chance to save the climate? The climate negotiations at COP 21 and Voices from Vietnam

"Last chance to save the climate - The Climate Negotiation at COP 21 and voices from Vietnam“ title of dialogue on climate change was held by the Climate Change Working Group (CCWG) in cooperation with German Feidrich-Ebert Foundation, on the afternoon of September 17th, at the French Cultural Centre L’Espace, Hanoi. This dialogue was hosted by Institut Francaise de Hanoi, French Embassy.

The dialogue drew Vietnamese officials, local and international scientists, including Mr. Nguyen Van Tan, Deputy Head of the Climate Change Negotiation Team of Vietnam; Mr. Siddharth Pathak, Head of International Policy Coordination Department, Climate Action Network International(CAN); Mr. Koos Neefjes, Climate Change Expert; and Ms. Vu Minh Hai, Chair Person of NGO’s CCWG.

At this dialogue, CCWG's representative shared the main content of Position Paper of CCWG toward COP 21 in Paris highlighting 5 main "ask" for this important climate negotiation conference.