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0. Background of RLS

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (RLS) is an internationally operating non-profit institution that has become a provider of political education and a center for progressive social research in both Germany and throughout the world. It is part of a transnational, progressive and solidary network striving for demo-cratic and social participation and empowerment. RLS works within the tradition of workers’ and wom-ens’ movements and is affiliated with the German political party “The Left/ Die Linke”.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia (RLS SEA) embraces the mission of supporting transformation countries, such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam to a socially just, sustainable, participatory and democratic society. The RLS SEA Regional Representative Office has been opened in April 2009 in Hanoi and is currently cooperating with approximately 15 partner organizations such as academic institutions and universities, non-government-organizations (NGOs) and government institutions and parliaments. RLS SEA’s activities and partnerships focus on a variety of issues under three major themes, i.e.“components” such as “social justice”, “socio-ecological transformation” and “participatory politics”.

1. Terms and execution period

The purpose of this call for tender is to seek a qualified travel agency services for 3 years period starting from the 1st October, 2019 tuntil 30th September, 2022.

2. Scope of services

The purpose of this call for tenders is to conclude a Framework contract with a Travel Agency capable of booking flight tickets, travel insurance for RLS SEA office. More particularly, provision of the following services is required:

  • The travel agency shall be able to find and present various travel options/routes and connection flights to a requested destination. The agency shall find the cheapest options based on the Economy Class rates with changeable and refundable condition unless otherwise instructed by RLS SEA (combining the most direct and least expensive routes to achieve cost effectiveness). Premium Economy Class and Business Class rates shall be quoted if requested.
  • The travel agency shall ensure that all levies and taxes are included in the airfare quotation price. As a rule, the travel agency shall find the most economic travel option to minimise transit/connection times and stopovers, if applicable. According to our funding guidelines, if the price (without levies and taxes) exceeds 1000 € (or a new thredhold updated by RLS funding guidelines), the travel agency is obliged to find and present at least three different travel options/ schedules and connection flights to a requested destination.
  • The travel agency shall always inform RLS SEA the booking expire date. They will provide reminders to RLS SEA, prior to ticketing deadline for purchasing of air tickets to avoid automatic cancellation by the airline system. The travel agency shall reserve and issue tickets for all air, and other travel if requested, upon authorisation to do so by RLS SEA.
  • The travel agency will sell the travel insurance upon request of RLS SEA.

3. Working Hours

The Travel Agency must be able to provide services, including ticket delivery, during normal working hours of RLS SEA (Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00). Flexibility during weekends and holidays will be favourably viewed. In particular, the service provider must have a hotline service for urgent requests falling outside normal working hours (the name of a contact person and telephone number must be provided).

4. Cancellation and change of the flight ticket

  • In the case of cancellation at short notice, the service provider shall endeavour to minimise any penalties applicable to the RLS SEA. Penalties attributable to the fault of the service provider will not be accepted.
    The travel agency will make timely reimbursement of cancelled tickets to RLS SEA.
  • If the traveller makes changes to the travel itinerary for personal reasons, then the travel agency must separate the private cost due to the change of the travel itinerary. Additional travel costs incurred from changes are to be paid by the traveller directly to the travel agency and not billed to RLS SEA. Therefore, the travel agency shall issue two invoices for the travel: one to RLS SEA for the cost of the bussiness trip purpose; and one to the traveller for additional travel costs from changes due to private schedule.
    Should the cost of the actual travel be less than the business trip purpose, RLS SEA shall pay the full cost of the actual travel.

5. Visas

The travel agency shall notify the RLS SEA of all instances where visas must be obtained.

6. Communication

The travel agency will inform RLS SEA immediately of any changes in scheduled flights regardless of any reason which may affect travelling arrangements for the RLS SEA. In order to facilitate contacts and information exchange between the parties, the travel agency shall be able to process reservation, booking and delivery requests received by phone or by email. To this end, the contractor should have adequately skilled personnel.

7. Qualifications

Tenderers should have the necessary financial, economic, technical and professional capacity to perform their obligations under the contract. In particular, the tenderer must:

  • be a company duly established and existing under the laws of Vietnam;
  • have an business registration certificcate;
  • have a hotline number able to receive emergency situation calls 24/7;
  • not be engaged in or, to the best of its knowledge, threatened by any litigation, or administrative proceedings, the outcome of which might have a material adverse effect on performance of contractor’s obligations;
  • to the best of its knowledge and belief after due enquiry, not be in violation of any legislative requirement relevant for the performance of contractor's obligations;
  • Be able to submit the requested financial vouchers to RLS SEA such as VAT invoice, List of flight tickets and others;
  • provide a description of its business together with List of current corporate clients serviced by the travel agency

8. Award Criteria

Equal priority is given to offers (weight of 50% for price, 50% for the service quality).

9. How to apply

Interested service providers are invited to submit their proposals including financial criteria and documents as proof for your teachincal criteria to meet our requirements. Application should be sent to Mrs. Nguyen Le Hang latest by 25th September, 2019 at:

Email address: [email protected]
Mailing address: RLS SEA office: 1st Floor, No. 72 Xuan Dieu street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi, Vietnam

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Wed, 2019-09-25