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Gaia Nature Conservation (Trung tam Bao ton Thien nhien Gaia) is a non-profit organization, based in Ho Chi Minh City. Gaia's mission is to empower people and promote advance activities in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection, in order to create a future in which people live in harmony with Mother Earth. Gaia is recruiting a programme coordinator in afforestation and nature experience. Currently, the programme is implementing in many National Parks and Nature Reserves with the participation of businesses, schools, families, young people....

Position: Program Coordinator
Programme: Afforestation and Nature Experience
Time: As soon as possible
Supervisor: Director of the Gaia Nature Conservation.
Job Type: Full-time.
Working place: Gaia headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City and business trips to project areas.


  • Participate in the development and implementation of Gaia's afforestation and nature experience strategy


  1. Coordinatte and ensure afforestation activities are carried out as planned.
  2. Ensure program reports are developed according to donor requirements
  3. Coordinate the implementation of the afforestation and nature experiecne programme for different target groups.
  4. Manage volunteers, collaborators of the afforestation and nature experience programme.
  5. Coordinate and support communications, fundraising and programme promotion activities.
  6. Participate in document development activities, and related research...


  1. Share Gaia's values and wish work for conservation for a long time.
  2. 3-5 years of experience in project coordination and management in the fields of nature conservation, forestry, agriculture, and environment. Experience with NGOs is preferred.
  3. Have knowledge about tree planting, afforestation, nature and wild animals. Preference will be given to candidates who have graduated in forestry, or related fields, or have experience working with National Parks, Nature Reserves, or diverse target groups.
  4. Willing to travel to different forests and project sites
  5. Demonstrate leadership and mastery of activities.
  6. Good communication skills; ability to learn quickly.
  7. Well use of office applications on computers.
  8. Be able to speak English is a big advantage.


  • Fill this form by 08 August 2022: 
  • Candidates selected for the interview round will be notified soon.
  • Deadline could be revised until a suitable candidate is found!

Gaia . Nature Conservation
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Mon, 2022-08-08