Part-time Senior Youth Consultant


Using Youth-Powered Design to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy Among Youth in Vietnam

Background and Purpose

Vietnam currently has the largest generation of youth in the country’s history. There are approximately 22 million young people aged 10 to 24, which is 25% of the total population.  This increase in youth is matched with a rapid change in sexual values, norms, and behaviors. Trends suggest that young, unmarried women are becoming sexually active at a younger age and at a higher rate than in previous generations, leading to an increase of unintended pregnancies, particularly in major urban areas.  It is estimated that over 10% of unmarried girls aged 15-24 have at least one unintended pregnancy. These pregnancies not only lead to abortions (both safe and unsafe), but also school drop-out, ostracism from families and the many effects of those outcomes that keep girls and their families in poverty.

The project “Using Youth-Powered Design to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy Among Youth in Vietnam” was set up to understand the behavioral drivers behind unwanted pregnancy amongst youth in Hanoi and design innovative interventions do address those behaviors. During prototyping phase, the project incorporated the youth perspective by working with youth facilitators who led the research, actively gave feedback, and participated in developing and testing four concepts/prototypes. In next phase, PSI/V is looking for (02) qualified part-time Senior Youth Consultants to scale up and roll out the following youth-led solutions: Community, Event, Contraception Box & Gurus.

Scope of work

The selected Senior Youth Consultant will report to PSI’s Project Coordinator and work closely with Knowledge Management and Communication Manager, Program and Research team to fulfill the following responsibilities: 

  • Lead the scaling up and implementation of youth-led solutions including but not limited to the following activities: 
    • Coordinate and maintain rapport with university youth leaders to ensure their participation in HCD training.  
    • Coordinate with PSI and external experts (Guru) to provide online counseling to youth via Facebook Messenger.  
    • Identify, connect, lead engagement with, and support potential experts (Guru) to contribute and participate in the project i.e. provide online counseling to youth, attend university event as guest speakers, write blogpost for website.  
    • Support the development of weekly & monthly content for network Facebook page. 
    • Contribute to the development and implementation of marketing plan to grow the following of community to Facebook followers (10k Followers/likes), web traffic). 
    • Lead any discussions and group works with youth and other stakeholders to gather insights and qualitative data to revise the prototypes. 
  • Participate in various research activities (mystery clients, focus group discussion, in-depth interview) to gain deeper understanding of youth and their sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs as well as to evaluate project activities.  
  • Contribute to refine the concepts, insights, and prototypes development in collaboration with youth and other Youth Consultants.   
  • Synthesize and ensure proper documentation of insights and feedback gathered from youth

Service duration and key expected deliverables

  • Duration: 12 months with possibilities of extension
  • Type of services: part-time and 150 days/person for whole service’s period (up to 10% traveling days)
  • Contribute to expected deliverables of HCD project as the following:
    • Full set of communication materials/content for: Training, networking event, and event brief; monthly content calendar for Facebook page; core website content; FAQ List with at least 50 questions & answers; Guru profiles of 03 fellowship members and 10 GURUs; 02 project brief for midterm review and final evaluation;
    • 10k Facebook followers and website traffic
    • 60 event monitoring report and meeting notes 
    • 01 set of document/lesson learnt from the process working with university youth leaders.

Selection Qualifications

  • Newly graduated from colleges/universities;
  • Has knowledge or interest in Reproductive Health, Public Health, Social Sciences, or other relevant areas;
  • Demonstrated experience in leading and facilitating group work and group discussion;
  • Research experience, especially on reproductive health or public health is a plus;
  • Has strong facilitation and communication skills, active listening;
  • Established relationship and experience in engaging/coordinating with youth networks is preferred.

Learning Opportunities

  • Involve in any capacity building activities under Human-Centered Design project;
  • Share and learn from international and national expertise;
  • Network opportunities with young and active male/female students.

Proposals should be sent to [email protected] no later than October 31, 2021.

Job Details
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Application Deadline: 
Sun, 2021-10-31