National Consultant on Agricultural Extension

UN Women is looking for a National Consultant on Agricultural Extension to team up with the Team Leader – a Gender Consultant to team up with a gender consultant in conducting a gender assessment study on agriculture extension system and to develop a gender mainstreaming guideline for agricultural extension services

The TOR (TOR-VNM-2020-013) is attached.

Interested applicants are invited to submit the following documents/information (in PDF format) to demonstrate their qualifications:

Technical component

  • Letter of interest clearly stating relevant experience and qualifications against required qualifications as stated in Section 9 above.
  • Signed Curriculum Vitae with contact details for 3 references.

Financial proposal (with your signature)

  • The financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount in VND including consultancy fees and all associated costs i.e. tax, insurance and financial proposal for travel to project site/meetings or workshop in the fields as such costs are covered by UN Women.
  • The financial proposal MUST be submitted in separated document with technical proposal. It is required to be treated as confidential and NEED not to be indicated in any form rather than financial proposal.
  • Please note that the cost of preparing a proposal and of negotiating a contract is not reimbursable as a direct cost of the assignment.
  • If quoted in another currency, prices shall be converted to VND at UN Exchange Rate at the submission deadline.

Completed applications should be sent to [email protected].

Only applications including all items mentioned above (including confidential financial proposal) will be considered.


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
UN Women
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2020-02-25