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Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist




Southeast Asia Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) Roundtables


Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Specialist

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November 2021 – August 2023


Global Climate change is transforming the world around us, and it is escalating. COP21 in Paris was a landmark, legally-binding, voluntary commitment by 196 countries to limit global warming to 2-degree C, but achieving this target will require a major shift in the direction of energy sectors across the globe. Over the coming two decades the Asia-Pacific is expected to account for almost two-thirds of global growth in energy consumption if stated policies are maintained and implemented. The importance of ensuring that this growth is underpinned by measures to support the energy transition will be paramount. An important challenge for decision-makers in Southeast Asia is to understand the options, barriers and opportunities presented by the energy transition. This knowledge is critical to support decision making for governments, the
community and for non-governmental organisations to accelerate the energy transition and leverage current political will.

Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines are amongst the most populous nations and fasted growing economies of Southeast Asia with power sectors reliant on fossil fuels. Subsequent to the Paris Agreement the countries of Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines all confirmed Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs) that present a road map for decarbonisation. The
NDCs are an important step, but they are not enough to meet the Ambition of the Paris Agreement.

About the Energy Transition Partnership (ETP)

The Southeast Asia Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) is a multi-stakeholder platform that aims to accelerate energy transition in Southeast Asia and deliver the Paris agreement targets on climate change by bringing together Government Donors, Philanthropies and Partner Governments. The ETP offers a strategic opportunity for multiple actors from government, Civil society and the private sector actors to come together, leverage their expertise and resources to support Governments understand and advance a more ambitious agenda of reform to enable fully the Southeast Asian energy transition. The ETP has established a secretariat for its activities managed by the Bangkok Office of UNOPS.


About the ETP Roundtables

The Southeast Asia Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) Round Table is a networking and peer-to-peer capacity building program that aims to provide an opportunity for the region’s energy transition stakeholders – in particular, mid-career policy makers from identified Southeast Asia countries (Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines) and regional level bodies – to engage in an intensive roundtable series on the energy transition.

The ETP roundtables are a targeted, tailored program of 24 roundtable events designed to build networks and facilitate peer-to-peer capacity building to achieve the program objectives.

The Australian National University (ANU) and the Australia-Mekong Partnership for Environmental Resources & Energy Systems (AMPERES) is leading the delivery of the ETP Roundtables, supported by in-country research and academic partners.


The M&E specialist will oversee all matters related to monitoring and evaluation of the project success. The consultant will undertake the activities and delivery of outputs as provided in Table 1.

Table 1 Responsibility of the M&E specialist





level of


Step 1 - Design

The M&E specialist will undertake stakeholder interviews and literature reviews in order to design a results-based monitoring framework that is consistent with the overall UNOPS ETP RBMF.

The RBMF design includes the establishment of an M&E baseline that covers three elements of the energy transition in the three countries: (i) knowledge base of ETP stakeholders, (ii) energy transition policies and commitments, (iii) aspirations and visions of energy transition stakeholders.

National coordinators in each country will support the M&E specialists during this interview process and in obtaining access to relevant documents.

1. Develop the result-based monitoring framework (RBMF)

January - February 2022


Step 2 – Reporting

Undertake necessary interviews, surveys, polls and working sessions to consolidate learning about roundtable delivery and improve the roundtable delivery experience.

Lead in the preparation of progress and M&E reporting, including: (i) annual M&E report, (ii) inputs to the overall ETP Annual report, (iii) short concise feed back/reflections reports from each roundtable session

2. Annual M&E Report (mid-2022, 2023)

January – August 2023


Step 3 – Program sustainability

The ETP Roundtable project includes the development of a sustainability plan which seeks to ensure long-term continuation of the roundtable program.

A successful sustainability plan will need to build on and extend the successes achieved during the 2022-2023 period. The M&E specialist will draw on the M&E reporting and distill a set of recommendations to inform a well-designed sustainability plan.

3. Written M&E recommendations for the ETP Roundtables Sustainability Plan.

August 2023



  • Minimum 5-year experience in M&E
  • Proven expertise in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, data analysis, reporting, presentation and setting up and managing M&E systems
  • Demonstrated strong management, coordination, teamwork and planning skills to effectively mobilise available resources to deliver the outputs.
  • An understanding of energy industry and energy transition in Southeast-Asia context
  • Fluent in English


  • Experience with the United Nation result-based monitoring framework
  • Based in one of Indonesia, Philippines, or Viet Nam.

Duration and location of the Assignment

The assignment is part time, with 60 days of input over the period January 4th, 2022, to 31 August 2023.

The coordinator will work from her/his home base, preferably in one of Indonesia, Philippines or Viet Nam. COVID permitting, the M&E specialist may be required to undertake field missions to the three target countries.

Application process

Applications should submit their CV emphasising their skills in and expertise in direct response to the Requirements listed above. This CV should be accompanied by a covering letter summarising the key strengths and suitability of the candidate.
Applications should be submitted to [email protected] no later than 17:00 (ICT) on December 10th, 2021.

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Indonesia, Philippines, or Viet Nam
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Fri, 2021-12-10