Local NGO/Consulting Firm to Perform Consultancy Work for the World Bank on Value Chains


Selection Information

Assignment Job Title: Value Chain Service Provider
Original Publication Date: 20-Nov-2018
Expression of Interest Deadline: 04-Dec-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time Washington D.C.)
Language of Notice: English

Selection Notice

Assignment Country: VN - Vietnam
FundingSources: The WorldBankGroup intends to finance the assignment/services under:
                           TF0A5161 - Australia - World Bank Group Strategic Partnership in Vietnam - Phase 2
Individual/Firm: The consultant will be a firm.

Assignment Description

Under the Second Australian-World Bank Partnership (ABP II), the World Bank and the Government of Australia are supporting theCommittee for Ethnic Minority (CEMA) to organize a “Value Chain Idea Contest [VCIC]”. Its objective is to seek and support the implementation of innovative business development and enabling ideas through a value chain approach for poverty reduction, boosting prosperity and socio-economic development for ethnic minorities in the country. TheVCIC aims to serve as a pilot scheme to inform strategy, policy and decision-making on poverty reduction and development of ethnic minorities and mountainous areas for the next strategic period (2021-2030), to more effectively target the needs of diverse ethnic minority groups especially the economic leadership of ethnic minority women and youth. The target beneficiaries of the VCIC are ethnic minority people, especially women and youth.

The World Bank seeks to recruit a local non-governmental organization (NGO) or consulting firm to support the operation and management of the VCIC beginning from providing training and mentoring services to the shortlisted applicants, managing the logistics for the final round of selection and providing tailored support to the VCIC final awardees. The consultant's activities are limited to providing technical advisory services (including providing training, value chain analysis and business mentoring), procurement of consultants and other contractual services needed for the VCIC's beneficiaries to successfully implement their projects, financial management, reporting, supervision and monitoring. It does not include, purchase of goods or transfer of funds to beneficiaries.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Demonstrated experience in supporting start-up entrepreneurs, market analysis and value chain support activities in ethnic minorities communities
  • In house expertise to lead the tasks and capability to mobilize additional expertise when needed to support businesses;
  • Proven capacity to manage sizable projects, has sound financial management, reliable financial management system and healthy financial status
  • Proven capabilities to reach and work with beneficiaries in all the different regions of the country


Interested NGOs or consulting firms are invited to visit the following webpage for more information: https://wbgeconsult2.worldbank.org/wbgec/index.html#$h=1542883092479 (Business Opportunity Tab, selection #1260092, deadline December 4, 2018) and submit an expression of interest, firm profile and qualifications to the World Bank online.

If you encounter technical difficulties during upload, please send an e-mail to the Help Desk at [email protected].

Shortlisted consultants will be invited to respond to a Request for Proposal. Contract awards will be made in accordance with the World Bank Group Procurement Policies and Procedures.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
The World Bank
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2018-12-04