Learning Advisor in Development Cooperation

Learning Advisor in development cooperation

The Regional Office of Bread for the World Vietnam - Laos is supporting NGOs and mass organizations (Women's Union, Red Cross, Youth Union…) with funding opportunities and qualification measures since 1996. Bread for the World aims at poverty reduction and supports partner organizations in the areas of sustainable integrated agricultural and rural development, improving livelihoods and incomes, gender equality, environment protection and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

We are looking for a qualified learning advisor in development cooperation

Work base: Ha Noi, Viet Nam with frequent travel to Lao PDR

Duration: 3 years

Deadline for application: September 26th, 2021.

Interested candidates are invited to submit your application by sending CV and Cover Letter to [email protected]


In close cooperation with partner organizations and the regional office Vietnam-Laos supports organizational development, institutionalized group/individual learning, enhance communication, and facilitation.

More specific:

  • Advice partner and the regional office on methods, tools, and instruments to structure working approaches, enhance self-centred and -determined learning.
    • Needs assessments on partners’ different learning areas and gaps within the organisation and areas of interest
    • Introduce various tools for visualisation, prioritising, SWOT analysis, defining SMART targets and benchmarks for a structured work approach
    • Identify different e-learning platforms and training opportunities based on available time and financial resources for effective self-learning
  • Conceptual design, training, and professional mentoring, including individual coaching on learning and reflection processes as well as knowledge exchange.
    • Introduce horizontal and active learning approaches
    • Support the partner to design for individual and group tailor-made learning opportunities
  • Facilitate peer learning and exchange within the organisation.
    • Facilitate exchange meetings within and between the different programmes
    • Support how to integrate learnings in the programmes and how to document the results, (report writing) and lessons learned
    • Suggest different options for the establishment of a knowledge platform and its maintenance
    • Introduce different options of online meetings and conferences and explore the different working tools offered
  • Support improved facilitation, moderation, and communication, including active listening skills.
    • Introduce and practice different communication principles and elements, identify barriers of effective communication
    • Introduce and train different methods of moderation and facilitation
  • Advice on strategies, instruments, and methods throughout the project cycle, especial in project planning and monitoring
    • Introduce and practice the result chain
    • Support the development of proposals according BftW standards and other donors, including log frames 
    • Support the development of a M&E systems reflecting outcome indicators
    • Advice on data collection tools and interpretations
    • Support reporting based on BftW standards and other donors
    • Support the documentation of best practices, lessons learned and how to integrate it in the knowledge management system
  • Specialist advice and support on baseline surveys
    • Which resources are needed (time, human resources, budgets)
    • What data have to be collected, which questions have to be asked taking into consideration possible future trends and developments
    • Overview and training on tools available for processing data, (Excel sheets, special programmes
    • Which data have to be disaggregated
    • Training and individual coaching on the interpretation of the collected data
    • Exercises on how to make use of the data collected in the development of proposals and the project implementation
  • Support and contribute organisational development of partner organisations and the regional office.


  • Minimum of 03 years of experience working in development sector in developing countries, specifically in Asia.
  • Master’s degree in development, social sciences, evaluation and monitoring, international business and management, other relevant academic discipline is required.
  • Proven  excellent experience in structure learning group and self -learning approaches
  • Writes and speaks fluent German and English languages.
  • Familiar with IT and social media.


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Sun, 2021-09-26