IT Firm to Develop an AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance) Electronic Reporting System for Animal Health

Request for Proposal

1. Statement of Business

PATH, under Fleming Fund Project funded through the British United Kingdom Government is looking for a local IT firm to assist the PATH team to develop an AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance) electronic reporting system for Animal Health.

2. Scope of Work

The selected local IT firm will perform the service under the supervision of the PATH Monitoring and Evaluation through the contract duration.

The selected local IT firm will provide services for development of the AMR electronic information management report system for Animal health sector and continue providing supporting services for operation, maintenance and continuous customizations of the system as necessary throughout the life of the Project. 

The local IT firm will closely work with the PATH Vietnam team and project partners (Department of Animal health, animal health AMR labs) to undertake the following tasks:

Development phase

  • Discuss with HIS (health information system) team at PATH on specific business requirements of the AMR reporting system.

  • Study relevant AMR documents including but not limited to: AMR framework, National AMR surveillance guidelines on Animal health sector, conceptual design, Access-based demo of queries, data collection templates and users’ right assignment

  • Establish platform, IT configurations and a cloud/on premise server in Vietnam

  • Produced overall system architecture, systems analyzed and design

  • Produced logical system diagrams and implementation diagrams

  • Develop code

  • Conduct user test and commissioning the newly established system

  • Develop an operational manual of the AMR system

  • Provide training for PATH project team, stakeholders and implementing partners on operation of the newly established.

  • Provide setup and configuration the hosting

Operation Phase

  • Continued database maintenance and trouble-shooting support.

  • Update/customizations, as necessary

  • Working with PATH, DAH and VAMS to define API elements

  • Develop API and to exchange data with AMR system on human health.

  • Handover codes and related materials

3. Application Requirements

  • Understanding/developed information system management of national medicine information management system and business model of AMR is a plus

  • The company have strong capacity in development of the Health information system.

  • Experiences to developed products for MARD (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and MOH (Ministry of Heath) is a plus.

  • Understanding both human and zoonotic health information management system of Vietnam

  • Provide a narrative technical approach to accomplish the scope of work, include but not limited to:

    • Timeline to meet the deliverables.

    • Profile of relevant corporate qualifications.

    • Profile of relevant experience and examples of related work, especially experience, knowledge, and presence in Vietnam.

    • Staffing plan accompanied by Curriculum Vitae (CV) for key technical positions.

    • List of certifications possessed by each key technical personnel.

    • Number of years in business.

4. Deliverables and timeline

The company is required to submit to PATH deliverables with timeline set below:





Development phase

October 2020


Operation phase

May 2021

5. Summary of deadline

The expected schedule for this application is outlined in the following table. Note that PATH reserves the right to modify this schedule as needed.

Release of Request for Application:

September 18, 2020

Applications due:

September 25, 2020 at 5pm GMT+7 time

Proposals must be sent to [email protected] and [email protected] with subject line “Proposal: To develop AMR reporting system for Animal health- FF”. Late applications will not be considered. 

Job Details
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Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2020-09-25