Interpreter to Support International Consultant and Participants in Training Workshop

CASI is a flagship program implemented by CARE International in Vietnam which aims at increasing rights and voice of marginalised ethnic minority people in the Northern areas. CASI enables civil society organisations and representatives of those who are at risk of socio-economic exclusion among Northern ethnic minorities to involve in setting the agenda for more inclusive development approaches and policies. There are three main result areas for the CASI program, corresponding to the main partner groups that the program will directly support or work to influence:

  • Result area 1: VNGOs partners gain influence and recognition as effective and legitimate change agents for rights-based ethnic minority inclusion in line with their strategic plans and mandates.
  • Result area 2: Ethnic minority-led civil society groups and EM leaders networks are empowered to systematically feed information into decision-making processes at different levels and benefit from programme-wide learning through enhanced links and networking with other civil society actors.
  • Result area 3: Policy-makers, planners and other key stakeholders increasingly get timely access to accurate, relevant and peer-reviewed evidence on key issues that can improve development effectiveness for CASI target groups.

Under CASI III (2010-2015), VNGO partners including ADC, SRD, iSEE and CIRUM have strengthened their organizational development as well as built capabilities to change agents for ethnic minority inclusion in line with their own strategic plans and mandates. Taking on that role, the four partners have developed their own advocacy plans and put them in implementation. However, the common challenge facing them is how to best communicate all the evidence they have on the ground to policy and decision makers. In order to realize the program objective and strengthen the capacity of CASI partners to better implement the advocacy plans, CARE will organize a learning workshop on “Advancing Advocacy Goals through Effective Communications”. The workshop will engage media and communication experts as well as practitioners in a 2-day interactive and participatory discussion with partners.

CARE Vietnam is seeking an interpreter to support international consultant and participants in this training workshop. Please refer to TOR attached for your information.

If you are interested, please send your proposal to email: [email protected] or sealed envelopes to address:

Procurement Department
92 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, HN
Or contact: 04- 3716 1930 for further information.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
CARE International in Vietnam
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2015-09-17