Illustrator / Draftsman

Terms of Reference

Title: Illustrator / Draftsman for IEC material development

1. Summary

Position: 1 Illustrator / Draftsman
Duration & timing: From the 20/09/2019 until the 20/10/2019
Duty station: Home based, and in Hanoi.
Reporting: German Red Cross Head of Project Office in Vietnam

2. Background:

The German Red Cross (GRC) supports the Vietnam Red Cross (VNRC) in a humanitarian project which aims to reduce the negative impacts of heatwaves on poor community members living in Hanoi. For this purpose, VNRC implement several initiatives in the streets of Hanoi: (1) community cooling centres are set up, (2) cooling buses are organized, (3) VNRC volunteers are visiting vulnerable population living in slums, and (4) habitations in slum are retrofitted to reduce the temperature inside the rooms.

Those initiatives require clear implementation protocols to allow replication and scaling up. Thus, the GRC/VNRC want to commission an Illustrator / Draftsman who will develop drawings and storyboards to illustrate the implementation protocols.

3. Purpose

The GRC/VNRC will contract an Illustrator / Draftsman who will design drawings and storyboards to illustrate the implementation protocols. More specifically, the Illustrator / Draftsman will:

  • During a 2 days workshop, based on participants’ inputs, sketch drawings and storyboards for:
    • The protocol to set up and manage cooling buses
    • The protocol to set up and manage cooling centres
    • The protocol to set up retrofitting habitations in slums
    • The protocol to visit poor households in slums
  • Finalize the drawings and storyboards based on GRC/VNRC comments

4. Duty Station

The 2 days workshop will take place in Hanoi or in a nearby province. The finalization of the drawings and storyboards will be home-based.

5. Deliverables & Proposed Timeline

  • Induction phase: Initial meeting with the GRC/VNRC to agree on the objectives of the work: 20 September 2019
  • Phase 2: Sketching of protocols during the 2 days-workshop: 24 – 25 September 2019. Maximum 50 sketches
  • Phase 3: Meeting for collecting comments from GRC/VNRC: 4th October
  • Phase 4: Final version of drawings and storyboards: 20th October. The final version of the 50 sketches will be coloured drawings in 3 colours (black, grey, red) and saved in JPEG format.

Annex 1 shows examples of type of drawings expected, and annex 2 shows the colours to use.

Annex 3 gives an example of protocol, and annex 4 provides pictures of the GRC/VNRC initiatives.

6. Selection Criteria

  • The applicant holds a University’s degree in arts, media, or related topic
  • The applicant should have significant experience (at least 2 years) in conducting similar works in designing / drawing materials for information, Education or Communications, and is required to provide examples of previous works done

7. Application Procedure

Interested candidates are invited to send their offer consisting of a CV, examples of previous works, and a financial offer to [email protected] (email) OR by post to Mr Jerome Faucet, German Red Cross, Level 7, 59 Quang Trung Street, Hanoi.

The financial offer should propose

  • a price per finalized (coloured) drawing
  • a total price for the 50 finalized (coloured) drawings

The financial offer should indicate clearly the Net and Gross calculation in VND currency. All submissions must be received by 13th September 2019 at 17:00 Hanoi time. While we appreciate all applications, only candidates under consideration shall be contacted.

*Child Protection: German/Red Cross is committed to protecting the rights of children in all areas we work around the world. Applicants are advised that German Red Cross reserves the right to screen candidates to ensure a child-safe environment. Further information can be found in the German Red Cross child protection policy.

Terms of Reference (English and Vietnamese)

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Fri, 2019-09-13