Expression of Interest: Investor Roadshow for Clean Energy Developers in Vietnam

Dear Prospective Partner:

Through this Expression of Interest (EOI), USAID Vietnam Urban Energy Security is offering support for project developers and enterprises providing advanced, distributed energy solutions in Ho Chi Minh City and/or Danang, via participation in an Investor Roadshow. This activity is based on the premise that if clean energy developers and enterprises are better prepared for engagement with investors, and have better access to appropriate capital through USAID support, then renewable energy and energy efficiency project developers will be more likely to raise the capital necessary to help Vietnam meet its energy needs via sustainable sources.

Participating firms should have a current interest in raising capital for an advanced, distributed energy project or activities and be ready to engage with investors regarding the investment opportunity. Firms that don’t have a specified investment opportunity will not be considered.

Those selected to participate will receive guidance and advisory support aimed to prepare them to meet with investors and will be introduced to relevant investors through facilitated meetings.

In order to be considered for participation in the Investor Roadshow, firms should submit an EOI that outlines their interest in participating in the Investor Roadshow including their current capital needs, their engagement with investors to date (if applicable), and the potential impact they seek from participating in this activity.

Once participants are selected through the EOI process, USAID Vietnam Urban Energy Security will procure the professional services directly to organize the Investor Roadshow that meets the specific need of the project developers.

Potential and interested partners are requested to submit an Expression of Interest following the instructions attached.

Job Details
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Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2021-02-19