Demonstration Site Coordinator

The Intergenerational Deaf Education Outreach Project is implemented by World Concern Development Organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) through four years (July 2011 – June 2015) in the four provinces of Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City. The overall objectives of the project is to assist young deaf children to integrate into mainstream society, by piloting an innovative joint family and institution-based delivery system comprising screening, family support, and preschool services.
The project is funded by Japanese Social Development Fund (JSDF Grant No. TF099058), a trust fund managed by the World Bank (WB). The total grant is USD 2,798,270.
The project has five components:
(1) Demonstrating (joint family-institution pre-school education for deaf children, and
essential knowledge base)
(2) Developing professional human resources for pre-school deaf education
(3) Building capacity and partnerships for the deaf communities and raising awareness for
general public
(4) Monitoring and evaluation
(5) Project management
The position of Demonstration Site Coordinator is under component (1). 
This component aims to create affordable ways of helping families with a deaf child, via a 5- person Family Support Teams placed in six existing child care centers or schools countrywide. This approach is based in part on the experience developed in other projects on preschool education for deaf children, such as Thailand’s “Family Mentor” project (Gallaudet University-United States/Royal Thai Govt./ UNESCO) from 2004 – 2008. Some 150 children and their families will participate in this project.
The Family Support Team (FST) will be the principal provider of early education planning and services for the 0-6 year old deaf child and their families.  The emphasis is on full and early language development by the child, as well as age-appropriate growth in mental and social skills.  The language specialists on the FST, trained by this project, will engage in language and communication planning for each child, so that they receive the visual and auditory stimulation that that child can easily use for acquiring language(s). This approach puts the child’s needs first; the language assessment checklists will be used to monitor and adjust the child’s communication approach as warranted. The members of the FST work with parents and with school teachers to ensure that each child gets what he or she needs to become ready for attending the primary school.
An essential knowledge base will be established to support training, monitor the efficacy of educational approaches for young deaf children, conduct demonstration of program mechanisms and outcomes, and devise assessment tools for language development of the child. This knowledge base will provide information on preschool deaf education from local and global sources within Vietnam, and also support the use of research-based knowledge during decision-making processes about educational placement and communication for deaf children.

Job Summary
The Demonstration Site Coordinator is responsible for: (i) providing overall monitoring and supervision over the Demonstrating (joint family – institution pre-school education for deaf children and essential knowledge base) component in all project sites; (ii) coordinating activities within the Demonstrating component in Hanoi and Thai Nguyen province; (iii) collaborating with consultants and stakeholders to ensure the project’s successful implementation and the achievement of the component and project targets.

Main responsibilities
- Provide overall management and supervision for the component activities in all project sites;
- Facilitate the cooperation and collaboration among the consultants in the technical working groups and stakeholders working in the Demonstrating component at the selected sites of Hanoi and Thai Nguyen;
- Monitor to ensure that project expenditures under this component are in accordance with approved budget;
- Review, evaluate and analyze project component progress and achievement against objectives and indicators and recommend necessary adjustments.
- Carry out the implementation of component activities according to the scheduled plan including working with demonstration centers, family support teams, international and national consultants in the delivery of educational service to deaf children and their family;
- Organize relevant workshops to raise awareness on preschool education for deaf children and disseminate lessons learnt, and other training on video recording, data management, etc.;
- Provide support and monitoring to the process of piloting the assessment tools;
- Provide technical support in designing educational service activities and other trainings for deaf children at the selected sites; 
- Provide monitoring and support to the process of renovating and equipping demonstration centres to ensure it meets the project’s requirements;
- Provide training on child protection to project partners, consultants and beneficiaries to ensure the understanding and application of child protection practices.
- Prepare the project component’s reports as required.  ?
- Collect and combine reports of relevant activities under the Demonstration component as required.
- Represent the project to government, donors and visitors as needed.
- Disseminate lessons learned and advocating for more responsive and adapted approaches in preschool education for deaf children.
General accountability
- Comply with World Concern’s Child Protection Policy to ensure maximum protection for children.
- Comply with policies/regulations of World Concern, government and donors as needed.
Qualifications and experiences
- Vietnamese national with university degree in education, social sciences or a related discipline and/or equal expertise in community development;
- Substantial involvement with disadvantaged communities;
- At least 5 years of relevant working experience that includes demonstrated technical and management capacity;
- Basic understanding of Deaf culture; knowing sign language is an advantage;
- Fluent written and verbal English and Vietnamese;
- Experience in working with government partners at different levels;
- Committed to work with, serve and learn from disadvantaged people;
- Mature, able to lead and take on high level of responsibility; Ability to work independently and as a team member;
- High degree of interpersonal skills;
- Motivated and hard working, ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines;
- Fluent in current computer applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
- This appointment is for full-time basis.
- The contract starts with 12 months, with possibility for extension.
- Estimated start: January 2012.
- Application received at [email protected] & [email protected] until 19 December 2012


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
World Concern Development Organization
Hanoi/Thai Nguyen
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2012-12-19