Consultant(s) for Stakeholder Analysis

I/ Summary:
AIP Foundation is a US nonprofit Organisation delicated to combating the epidemic levels of road traffic crash fatalities and injuries in the developing countries. AIP Foundation will from October 2010 is implementing the project: “Head Safe. Helmet On funded by Atlantic Philanthropies. The project will use a multi-sector approach to effectively improve child helmet wearing in Vietnam through advocacy and communication campaigns.
An outcome of the project is to establish of a sustainable child helmet reinforcement mechanism in form of a stakeholder coalition. The Child Helmet Coalition will bring together partners with an interest in child helmet wearing from different sectors with the aim of reinforce strategic partnerships and coordination among allied partners to advocate for continues commitments of Government to road safety practices.
The Child Helmet Coalition will enhance the quality of project activities and their implementation, and maximize support through the mobilization of technical and financial resources to add credibility and sustainability to advocate for compliance to the legislation to increase child helmet wearing in Vietnam.

II/ Research purposes:
- Identify possible partners who might have an interest in addressing child helmet use and analyze their role and responsibilities and other traits relevant to the objectives of the project
- Identify key stakeholders from the lead Government agencies, other related Government agencies, NGOs, local and international agencies, bilateral and multilateral partners; funding agencies, private sector companies, helmet manufacturers and analyze their role and responsibilities and other relevant traits  relevant to the objectives of the project
- Identify the Child Helmet Coalition mode of operation that will ensure sustainability and  appropriate implementation and enforcement of child helmet use under Decree 34    
- Develop a ToR for the Child Helmet Coalition
- Identify  potential members for the Child Helmet Coalition 

III/ Expected Results from Research:
- Written outline of methodology for identifying and conduct analysis of stakeholders
- Report identifying and analyzing all possible partners who might have an interest in addressing child helmet use  as well as  key stakeholders from the lead Government agency, other related Government agencies, NGO, local and international agencies; funding agencies, private sector companies, helmet manufacturers
- An outline suggesting an organizational set-up and mode of operation for the Child Helmet Coalition
- Undertake and organize stakeholder workshops which present and discuss preliminary results from analysis, mode of operation and organizational set-up of Child Helmet Coalition and suggest members for Child Helmet Coalition
- Develop minutes from stakeholder workshop
- List of Child Helmet Coalition partners
- Final report integrating findings and recommendations from workshop

IV/ Key Activities of research team:
- Develop methodology for conducting a relevant analysis of stakeholders
- To conduct a review of available reports and literature to indentify and analyse interested partners and stakeholders
- To produce a mapping and analysis of interested partners and stakeholders
- Conduct meetings with stakeholders to deepen the understanding and their interests in child helmets wearing, their roles and responsibilities
- Organize and conduct stakeholder workshop
- To discuss overlaps and problem areas in the agreement of understanding and obtain suggestions to adjustment to the stakeholder analyses, mode of operation and ToR of the Child Helmet Coalition.
- To write (or ensure agreement on) minutes from stakeholder workshop
- To produce a final report analysing partners and relevant stakeholders in Vietnam, recommending a mode of operation and a ToR for the Child Helmet Coalition.
- Facilitate the 1st Child Helmet Coalition meeting.

Against this backgound, AIP Foundation is seeking a team of consultants with prior experience in partnership building and development of coordination mechanisms as well as good network in injury prevention.

For consideration, please submit the following:
Draft outline of working methodology being used, including timeline (max. 3 pages)
CVs of consultant/s ( max. 3 pages)
Financial bid
The selection of the consultant will be based on technical compliance with ToR, the consultant(s) compliance with ToR, and bids financial compliance.
Deadline for submission is CoB 22nd November 2010. All bids should be submitted via email to [email protected] with cc to [email protected]

The additional information and ToR please contact
Ms. Tran Thi Nhai
Program Assistant
AIP Foundation
12B,Ngoc Khanh – Ba Dinh – Hanoi
Tel: (84-4) 3771 0700 – (ext.12)
Fax: (84-4) 3771 0701
Email: [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
AIP Foundation
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2010-11-22