Consultants Pool for Technical Assistance to Component 3


Consultants Pool for Technical Assistance to Component 3

Program: USAID Linkages for Small and Medium Enterprises (LinkSME) Project
Expected Duration: As needed depending on the project requirements
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam with domestic travel requirements

IESC – the International Executive Service Corps – is a U.S.-based nonprofit that seeks private enterprise solutions to problems of poverty in developing countries and around the world. By providing a mix of technical assistance and volunteer expert support, IESC works with emerging industries, financial institutions, and governments to stabilize economic environments, increase opportunity, and promote growth. We have completed over 25,000 projects in more than 130 countries worldwide.

IESC is the implementing organization of Linkages for Small and Medium Enterprises Project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). USAID LinkSME aims to strengthen the capabilities of the intermediary organizations in Vietnam, such as business associations, export development centers, and SME promotion agencies, in order to facilitate the supplier-buyer relationships between Vietnamese small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and lead firms located in Vietnam and expand Vietnamese SMEs’ capacity to participate in manufacturing supply chains. USAID LinkSME will enhance the business enabling environment by institutionalizing key reforms and strengthening the legal and regulatory framework for SME growth across the nation. Overall, this project will advance the Indo-Pacific vision of improved economic competitiveness and support USAID/Vietnam’s objective of expanding inclusive, market-driven, private sector-led growth.

The Project includes 4 components with specific objectives as below:

  • Component 1: Promoting institutional reform, streamlining regulations and administrative procedures, cutting down compliance cost to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs
  • Component 2: Promoting an e-Government to improve government-to-business interactions, and facilitate SMEs’ investment, business and international integration
  • Component 3: Improving SMEs’ supply capacity and strengthening business linkages between SMEs and global value chains
  • Component 4: Project management, engagement of consultants, communication, and monitoring

In order to support the implementation of Component 3 of the Project until September 2023, IESC is recruiting for qualified consultants.

After being selected, the consultants will sign with IESC a principle agreement/contract with general provisions applied to all specific assignments under LinkSME Project that the consultants will be invited and accepted to engage in. Depending on the nature of each specific activity and workload and based on agreement with government partner of that activity, a Terms of Reference (TOR) for each specific assignment will be developed, based on which, IESC will select relevant consultants, with priority given to those in this pool.

For this purpose, IESC call for interest from individuals with the relevant qualifications to apply to be in the LinkSME Project consultants.


Experts will provide necessary technical assistance to activities under Component 3 of the USAID LinkSME Project. For general duties, responsibilities, and requirements of each sub-activity, please follow the relevant link:

Specific tasks and specific topics and deadline for specific deliverables will be determined in the job description of each assignment which will be built up at the stage of preparing for the implementation of a specific activity approved in the annual approved Project workplan (activities are included in Annex 1).


For each activity, there will be one specific expert person in-charge from USAID LinkSME.

The consultant will report directly to this person depending on the activity that the expert will be invited and accept to work in.

Interested candidates are requested to submit their application ONLY at the above-mentioned links.

IESC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please note that this position is intended for a Vietnamese national only. CV and letter of interest should be in English. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the position will remain open until filled. Qualified candidates may be contacted to join the consultant pool.

Call for experts and Annex I

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Sun, 2020-05-24