Consultant Team to Carry out the Longitudinal Study of Impact of ECCD Project

Plan Vietnam is looking for a consultant team to carry out the longitudinal study of impact of ECCD project in Gia Lai through the cohort study on impact on the learning outcome and development of girls in the project sites.

The study is to provide Plan Vietnam, Plan International Australia and New Zealand Aid Program (NZAP) with an evidence base for advocating to donors, government and partners on the importance of ECCD for education outcomes and reducing inequality through a longitudinal study of impact which follows a cohort of children and their families within the Plan-supported ECCD project for a period of 3 years and compares them to a control group of children and families who do not have access to early childhood supports through Plan.

An international child development research consultant is required to design and manage the study, to analyze and report results, and to provide training to Plan staff and other external researchers as needed.

More detail on scope work and timeframe can be seen in the attached TOR.

The deadline for this work is 30th September 2013.

Your CV and proposal can be sent to:
Nguyen Lang Binh (Mrs), Gia Lai Project Manager
Email: [email protected]
Address: Gia Lai DOET, 2th Floor, 56 Tran Hung Dao, Pleiku. Tel: 0593872294

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Plan International in Vietnam
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2013-09-30